Without Boundaries – The Power Of A Synthesizer Is Not To Imitate, But To Create

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live Berlin School/space music performance of Without Boundaries, by Dutch synthesist Hans van Kroonenburg (Skoulaman), who is preparing for a live performance next week.

Kroonenburg notes on his site that “The power of a synthesizer is not to imitate but to create!”

Technical details below.

via skoulaman:

Still a week to go for my concert with AKS. I found this beauty setting of the Waldorf Q. Its a nice sample of a full resonant opened filter'(notch). It is controlled by the Moog Little Phatty (by the arpeggiator and the modulation wheel) and the funny thing is that although the Moog isn’t velocity sensitive the keys are and it works perfect for other velocity sensitive MIDI instruments. Its sends also polyfonic. I tweaked some Juno 106 noise together with the Moog sequence.

The solo pieces are from the Concertmate MG-1 and the DS8. The pads came from my favorit DS-8 and a low string sound from the Korg 05r/w. In opposite is the string and e-piano sound from the Lamda. All processed with Lexicon, Yamaha, Ibanez, Alesis and Electrix effects. It is best listened with good audio gear then you here the rich harmonics of the Waldorf.

I filmed and recorded everything live without overdubs (I mostly don’t use that).

12 thoughts on “Without Boundaries – The Power Of A Synthesizer Is Not To Imitate, But To Create

  1. lovely piece. I watched it twice. The Q sounds great. I know it’s a completely different genre, but the Q arp also reminded me of what I like about the industrial project Front Line Assembly. I know they have been partial to Waldorf gear. The 106 sounds lovely, too. Great work, and proof that VA and analog can work together and play off of each others’ strengths to create a dynamic and well rounded composition.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say it’s a very inspiring piece. Have a great show!

    PS ~ don’t trip on the carpet! That woud be….bad.

  2. For. God. Sakes. Man. Change the arpeggiator key or style….Is it a Sunday Synth Jam requirement to have an arp on latch throughout the whole song? I feel like I’m locked in some 80’s Beyond the Mind’s Eye VHS tape hell after I get done watching one of these…

  3. Great work.
    The I pad tossers and flacid synth freaks will be greatly upset by no acknowledgement of there toys.
    Well done good work and great sound on real machines.

  4. I am sorry for the person who didn’t like it but there is enough other synth stuff to satisfy you. You do like the stile or not and yes the arpeggiator was running in just one style but does that matter. People still listen to music which was composed a few era’s ago even sixties popmusic scores well today so,wats the problem. And as a last overthinking, I was very suprised how many views this track scores on YT.

  5. I like the repetitive arp, it gives an ethereal homebase for the piece. All the other sounds sweep and overlap but always in the background is the lifeline.

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