Moog Intros 500 Series Analog Delay

Moog Music has introduced the 500 Series Analog Delay, the first delay designed for the 500 series pro audio format.

The Analog Delay is a 100% analog signal path module that features 800ms of delay time, front panel MIDI control, and an assignable Tap Tempo/CV jack on its front panel. Included with each unit is an VST/AU/RTAS editor for integration into any recording, live, and performance setup.

Moog describes the delay as having “an incredibly clean front end that can easily be pushed into a warm, natural overdrive for saturated delay trails or distorted delay effects.”

Though not on the front panel, the Analog Delay features a 6 Waveshape LFO that allows users to create other time based effects such as tape delay, chorus and extremely modulated sounds. The LFO is easily accessed via MIDI and the editor.

Also accessible via the included editor are advanced features like Tap/CV input routing, Keyboard Control settings, Clock Divisions and a Delay Multiplier for access to illegal delay times (up to 4x the front panel position). In addition to Tap Tempo and CV control, the Tap/CV input can also convert click track audio into a tap tempo signal.

The new Moog 500 Series Analog Delay module is priced at $999 and is expected to begin shipping in Dec. 2012. See the Moog site for details.

20 thoughts on “Moog Intros 500 Series Analog Delay

  1. Looks killer, except for one small issue: how long is that editor going to work before being made obsolete by OS changes? More than a few companies have turned new gear into unsupported “legacy” items within a rather short time frame, soooo….? Moog is clearly making it possible to build a modular, but putting a vital programming aspect under the headship of software is like having a small rock in your shoe.

    1. Moog have already got egg on their faces with the software problems they have recently.
      Also for example there memories on the voyager , to access the different banks had to be done via midi program change. That is a seriously slow and tedious way of working, considering the comical price of their machines and the idea we are told they are the top synths!!
      I have a Korg Z1 amongst my collection , that has a huge memory and is accessed via a panel button.
      It seem hilarious and I have to agree that Moog like con people about there technical savvy then do really dumb things. I agree about their voayagers, the sound they make when you turn the panel lights on!!

  2. I love you Moog, but this is a little too high in price to make it worth it, considering the moogerfooger delay is less than half that price with cv i/o

    1. I got to play with it at AES, its awesome, but still completely out of reach, also messed around with the 500series ladder filter once again too expensive not to come with some VCO’s attached….

  3. The 500 series is kind of like TDM plugins. People figure “hey, they’re used to being overcharged for the format” and continue to do so.

  4. The Tap time CV is nice but if the time knob wasn’t completely gone for those who like hand tweaking knobs, would be worth the Grand its priced at 🙂

    Still very nice though

  5. A thousand dollars , good on you moog .That is so expensive .
    The whole ‘moog’ thing is wearing very thin. It is like a comedy sketch . Moog is having the credibility rang out of his dead body!!

    1. well you have not even heard the thing. and also there is alway a place for premium marked especially in branches more directly connected to our emotions/senses.
      yknow how much the delay foogers go for? if you find any that is.

      what bugs me more is bitchin from people who cant afford something. money and value is relative.
      don´t have the money to buy it – someone else will. guaranteed.

      1. Hey I can afford a lot of music gear and have a studio. I am also mortgage free.
        But having moog take the piss out of my intelect and finiancial sense,isn’t high on my agenda.
        I only mention my economic status cause some prick is trying to make out , its only people who can’t afford them who think they are a joke at that price. You can get 4 line six echo pros for that,(with memories) and a few Roland space echos.
        Moog stuff is no big deal and lets face it, they design a panel on the voyager that lights up and it creates a high pitched sound!! What the fuck is that about regards ‘attention to detail’ .
        I have owned a few moogs, I loved the rogue after that I think they are shit.So do us a favour and stop saying people on a small budget are just jealous. That is a sad and transparent snobbish put down. This product is another load of expensive crap from moog. They haven’t even made an envelope follower in any of their products. When you can buy little pedals that offer synth envelope followers for a 100 quid.

  6. Ridiculous. Anyone thinking of buying this, don’t. The quality of music has nothing to do with brand names or equipment prices.

    1. I agree one hundred percent.
      The person who is saying this has no understanding of the economic and cultural context of electronic music .
      It is people with fuck all who have stretched creativity to the max.
      Detroit Techno, Chicago Acid, Cabaret Voltaire,Joy Division,Factory Records,
      you would think that people who want to wank off on here about musical prowess might actually look into the background of the pioneers of those who paved the way.
      Synth Britania is a great film that offers a uk perspective on synth music in the UK.

      1. Spot on 197753 and HTDJ, this is all about selling status, brand and fetish over actual functionality and/or sometimes quality.

        That’s why, for example, a lot of people buy Iphones and Galaxy S3s, yet whenever I’m forced to overhear peoples’ conversations on the bus there are few who you could say communicate better than those with cheapo phones.

        “what r u having for dinna?

        Sent from my Iphone”

        I’ve got nothing against those particular phones, by the way. You could say the same about a beamer vs a ford mondeo etc. etc.

        Music is circumstancial and a lot of the best stuff comes through people with limited resources who are forced to be innovative.

  7. It’s just bussiness, and MOOG has a name that they try to take advantage of… nothing special about that… if they sell these and their other expensive equipment, and can survive on it, then they have proven their name’s worth in my opinion… simple as that… if it does not sell, it’ll flop like any other bussiness… if these will do just that we’ll just have to wait and see… maybe they put too high a bet on their name with this “gadget”…. who knows.

    But is MOOG gear generally worth the extra cost? … in my opinion it varies… I’m by NO MEANS rich, and usualy have to save up to buy gear that MOOG makes, and I can only afford the bottom range of thair gear and thus can only comment on that equipment.

    I’ve got a Slim Phatty and a Minitaur… in my opinion the Slim Phatty’s sound does not warrant it’s price… it should be at the same range as any DSI synth in my opinion… featurewise, soundwise etc. it’s not better… build quality maybe a bit better, but the DSI’s even that out in sheer programability depth any time.

    The Minitaur on the other hand, though very little feature ladden etc. is definitely worth the money… it’s sheer raw sound still amaze me… worth every penny, and no bass machine I’ve heard in it’s pricerange sound as good to my ears.

    So yes… maybe MOOG is elevating a bit above the ground with much of their gear, but if they cannot sell their items because of it, they’s eventually go bankrupt sooner or later… I bet this is why they’re making these new lines of machines in the lower end… to get a steady income, to do their more expensive handiwork…

    just my thoughts… yours may differ.

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