Holiday Deals For Musicians 2012

It’s that time of year again – time for holiday electronic music gear deals!

This year, we dig out this heartwarming/creepy holiday illustration once again, and highlight the holiday deals on electronic music gear & software that you may want to check out. Note that these are limited time specials, so check the sites for details.

  1. Ableton – Save 25% on Live 8 and get a free upgrade to Live 9 when it is released.
  2. Acoustic Samples – 30% off through Dec 31st.
  3. AfroDJMac has a free Live Pack for you, based on a Charlie Brown Christmas snow globe.
  4. Applied Acoustics Systems – Buy (2) Professional Series instruments and get a 50% discount on each, thru 1/15/13.
  5. AudioRealism – 30% off all plugins & bundles, with the coupon code audiorealism-xmas2012.
  6. AudioThing – use coupon code XMAS12 for 20% discount!
  7. Beat Struggles – 50% off
  8. Best Service – buy one, get one free, through Jan 13th.
  9. BigFishAudio – sove 40% during their 25 days of Christmas sale.
  10. Binary Music – 50% through Jan 1.
  11. BlastwaveFX – 20% off through the end of the year.
  12. Blue Cat Audio – 15-30% off, 40% off for existing customers.
  13. BoomLibrary is running an ‘advent calendar of deals’.
  14. Chuck Russom FX has special pricing on all products through Dec 31st.
  15. D16 is having a Winter Sale through Jan 15th.
  16. Diginoize – save 50% through Dec 31st.
  17. EastWest – save 50% through Dec 31st.
  18. Fabfilter – 25% off on bundles through Jan 1.
  19. Five12 – discounts on all versions of Numerology, through Dec 25th.
  20. FXpansion has deals on Geist, DCAM Synth Squad, and Tremor.
  21. Hiss and Roar has a free sample library for you –  quirky little 247MB package of 24 bit 96kHz stereo sounds.
  22. Image-Line is having an End Of The World sale – all plugins $45 through Dec 31st.
  23. Iosono – special on Anymix Pro through Dec 31st.
  24. iZotope – save up to $947 on bundles
  25. Koma is offering a modular bundle through Dec 24th.
  26. Korg – 50% off iPad & iPhone apps
  27. Kuassa is offering 30% off any plugins
  28. Kudzu is offering Koushion MIDI Step Sequencer for 50% through the end of the year.
  29. LinPlug – 33% off instruments & effects through Dec 31st
  30. Loop Loft – 40% off through the end of the year (use SAVE40 at checkout)
  31. Loopmasters – 25% or more off on sample packs through Dec 31st.
  32. McDSP – Project Studio Special, $39 through Dec 20th.
  33. Metric Halo – deals on hardware & software through 12/25.
  34. MillerTone is offering an Ableton Live Pack, SYNDR volume 1 multi-sample library of the Synare PS-3, at a discounted price (39 vs 69) through the end of the year.
  35. MoReVox – 40% through Jan 6, use code XMAS2012.
  36. Musicrow – 40% off, through Dec 31st.
  37. Native Instruments – buy Komplete Audio 6 and get Guitar Rig 5 for free. Through Dec 31st.
  38. Native Instruments also has a couple of free Christmas presents for you, a free effects unit, Driver, and free remix decks for Traktor.
  39. Noisebud has a free VST plugin for your.
  40. Nucleus Soundlab – pay what you want (minimum $9.99) for 9 Nucleus SoundLab and TPSD ReFills.
  41. Ohm Force – 30-50% off
  42. – 25% off for Facebook friends
  43. Plugin Alliance – up to 60% off, through Dec 25th.
  44. Precisionsound is offering 50% off.
  45. Prime Loops – 50% off everything.
  46. Producer’s Choice is offering an XMas bundle for $117 off.
  47. Propellerhead is running a Holiday Countdown with specials each day.
  48. Reaktor Tips has Reaktor Tips instruments at reduced prices.
  49. The Recordist is offering a special ‘frigid’ sound library bundle deal, the Ultimate Winter Collection.
  50. Refx – has discounts on all its products
  51. Resonance Sound – 25% off all products, use code XMAS2012
  52. Roqstar has sound libraries for 50% off through Dec 31st. Coupon code YouROQ.
  53. Sample Magic has a free sample pack for you.
  54. Samplephonics – sale, 50% off, use code Xmas2012
  55. Sonic Arts – Granite for $49.
  56. Sonic Couture is having a WInter Sale through Dec 24th, see the site for details.
  57. Sonic Projects – up to 40% off.
  58. Sonnox – 40% off Oxford Limiter in Dec.
  59. Sony Creative – 25% off software
  60. SoundIron – 2 for 1 deals through the end of the year.
  61. Stretch That Note is offering two Christmas bundle specials.
  62. Swar Systems – 25% discount.
  63. Synapse – 25% off or more through Dec 31st.
  64. Teenage Engineering –  Every OP-1 purchased includes two accessories and worldwide shipping.
  65. Time+Space – special deals on ‘festive bundles & gifts
  66. Twisted Tools – 25% off through New Year’s, use code XMAS.
  67. Twisted Tools also has a free sample pack for you, featuring 20 drum kits, based on sounds from Twisted Tools S-Layer.
  68. The Unfinished is having a 50% off Christmas sale.
  69. Universal Audio – 20-60% off through the end of the year
  70. Sinevibes – Until 10th January 2013, its entire collection of Audio Unit plugins for OS X can be purchased for $99 (regular price $119).
  71. Tone Projects – 30% off plugins through Jan 11.
  72. ToonTrack – 50% of drum plugins
  73. Voxengo – 25% off all software
  74. Wave Alchemy – up to 50% off through Jan 15th.
  75. Waves is offering 50% off selected bundles.
  76. Wusik – Wusikstation only $9.99 and other bundles
  77. Yonac is running a ’12 Days of Yonac’ series of specials.
  78. Xils-Lab – winter sale through Jan 15th,
  79. Zero-G – 30% off download products

If you know of other holiday specials, leave the info in a comment!

Image: obi1kenobi1

29 thoughts on “Holiday Deals For Musicians 2012

  1. I would probably buy something if one of these deals was for hardware or physical item. I have all the software I need.

    1. You know…. $179 is really a nice price for a hardware synth – it’s almost in plug-in territory!! Cheers to M-audio for making a really affordable keyboard synthesizer (even if they cut a few corners and you may need to use a computer to edit patches.)

      1. So you used the work of an artist for free without proper credit and disrespect it publicly?

        What’s next? Ridiculing the music made by amateurs? Shameful.

        1. Tim

          Fair criticism. We try to link to sources wherever possible and to provide proper attribution. The source I have for this is for obi1kenobi1, but the link we had for obi1kenobi1 is out of date.

          If you or anyone else has accurate attribution, I would be glad to update the post. Or if the original artist objects to its use, I will replace it.

          Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Great no hardware deals. VST as a Christmas present doesn’t quite have the same charm as a piece of hardware 🙂 ( see the boys face in the picture). As I have already bought Ableton and it does everything I need I am reluctant to buy a vst or a sample pack which is utterly worthless once downloaded. At least hardware has a resale value.

    The only vst I would buy is ABL’s 303 emulator, sadly no sale there. Still happy Christmas one and all.

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