Mudit – A New Gestural Controller For Music

Mudit it’s a new open source design, developed by Agustin Augustinoy & Urias Montanaro, for a hand-held music controller that lets you create and control audio using gestures.

It’s part of an explosion in experimental alternative music controllers, that’s being fed by sharing via the Internet.

Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn – who’s long been an advocate of open systems for musicians – notes, “Knowledge on how to build dazzling new interfaces for music is spreading. And because musical performance depends on sharing knowledge and practice, that could have a transformative effect.”

Here’s a video demo of the Mudit in action:

The video is interesting, but doesn’t make it very clear how the Mudit works or how the gestures are translated to music. The Mudit is an open DIY project, though, so if you’re interested you can dig into the details at the project site.

7 thoughts on “Mudit – A New Gestural Controller For Music

  1. Very cool looking, very pretty videos and photos. I’m a bit suspicious of how heavily edited the videos are though… Has anyone come up with un-edited footage of how it works musically? There is another “assembly” video that shows the electronics being connected together with female-female jumper wires. From experience, to me that seems … less than optimal for something that’s being swung around during live performances. Not to diminish the work put into the prototype though! It looks great! Hope to hear more from Agustin and Urias on this!

  2. Well this teaser sucks, because once again the music they’re using / making with the device is crap. Why do developers insist on using generic beats and watered down techno electronic pop with bleeps and bloops to sell their product? If they are marketing a product as being ‘innovative’ shouldn’t the music in the demonstration also be innovative?
    Marketing geniuses always dumb down promos to the lowest common denominator.

    1. Whoah, chill out! They aren’t even selling anything! All the parts are freely available (arduino, BT controller, accelerometers, etc.) and the schematics and software you can download from the site. Give them time to put some more info out. Gestural control is hard to get right, but fun as hell!

  3. There did not seem to be any direct correlation between the control motions and the resulting sound. It was one sketchy song playing with lots of different video of people fiddling around.

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