MultiTrack DAW for iOS Updated With Audiobus

Harmonicdog has released an update to MultiTrack DAW, its digital audio workstation for iOS, adding support for Audiobus and more.

Here’s what’s new in MultiTrack DAW 3.2:

  • Introducing Audiobus support: Now you can record directly from other Audiobus-compatible apps.
  • New SoundCloud upload form.
  • Projects with 8 or less tracks are now Uncached, for filespace savings.
  • Zoom out now holds 200 seconds per screen width.
  • Max song length increased to 120 minutes for cached projects, and 300 minutes for uncached projects.


  • Bugfix: iOS 6 issues.
  • Bugfix: Compressor on A6 devices.
  • Bugfix: m4a mime type for emailing.

MultiTrack DAW is $9.99 in the App Store.

5 thoughts on “MultiTrack DAW for iOS Updated With Audiobus

  1. Just curious about the quality of using an Ipad for final recordings… What would be the difference if the same guitarist and drummer were to record an entire song and mix it down on an Ipad compared to the same drummer and guitarist recording into Hi end Pro gear in a full studio. Obviously the studio will sound better.. but how much better? Im just wondering how a song fully produced on an ipad would sound on a concert sound system. Im not trying to slam this app or ipad apps… I just am curious if people are selling their hardware and protools systems and just running their whole studio using a ipad and some dockingstation..?

    1. I guess what Im trying to measure is if the IPAD now .. is what the atari 2600 was back in the day..AMAZING console.. and no one could compare it to the future yet.. So it was really a top entertainment gaming system back then

    2. The biggest factor at this point is the user.

      You can use standard audio interfaces with an iPad, so the quality of your recording is going to be mainly a function of the quality of your audio interface, the quality of your mics and external gear and your knowledge of recording.

  2. I’d personally be concerned, it could be extremely most likely the playing cards usually are MiFare vintage… and also i’m talking about actually outdated and also crumbled.

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