Grain Science Updated With AudioBus

woojijuice-grain-scienceWooji Juice has released an update to Grain Science, adding AudioBus support.

Now you can stream live audio directly from Grain Science to other Audiobus-compatible apps.

Grain Science is a hybrid synthesizer that combines granular synthesis with ‘traditional synthesis techniques’.

Core MIDI support, including Virtual MIDI, background audio, and “tap & twist” learning for setting up controls; and a customisable performance screen with a collection of XY Pads and wheels.

Grain Science 1.4 is available now in the App Store for $9.99.

4 thoughts on “Grain Science Updated With AudioBus

  1. Schwing!

    Seems like it was just last week when I was thinking, ‘if only Animoog, Grain Science and iMS-20 supported Audiobus….”

  2. Yet again fantastic update, but as I see my input Bus being crowded already 🙂 , I’m yet to see more apps taking advantage of AB FX and most importantly Output…
    So far I only have Loopy HD, NLog Pro and Thumb Jam there.
    Much appreciated, but still waiting for BeatMaker, Auria and of course Cubasis to make their aperiance in the AudioBus Output section 😉
    Regardless, I’m in AudioBus heaven right now, what a wonderful Xmas indeed 🙂

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