‘Intelligent Composing Assistant’ Liquid Notes Adds Instrument Library


Liquid Notes, the “intelligent composing assistant,” has been updated to add its own library of instruments and a track assignment editor.

Liquid Notes is an app that integrates “music intelligence” algorithms based on the theory of harmony: chords, scales/melody, and harmonic movement. These algorithms assist the user during the music production workflow: from finding the basic chord progressions to applying complex multi-track alterations to a composition.

The library includes basic instruments, ranging from percussion to bass, leads, pads, mallets, classical instruments, and a variety of other sounds. The addition comes in handy when composing without connecting to a sequencer, as the new features allow the user to work without one.

Here’s an example of the new feature in action:

Re-Compose, the company behind Liquid Notes, has said that they plan to expand the application’s capabilities to “manipulation of the overall aspects of compositions and arrangements (e.g., for accompaniments, melody creation, song form, etc.)” in Liquid Notes 2.0, due in the second half of 2013.

Liquid Notes is available for Mac & Windows, priced starting at US $149.

9 thoughts on “‘Intelligent Composing Assistant’ Liquid Notes Adds Instrument Library

  1. There were some questions about this app in its previous incarnations/appearances. It looks like they have resolved the issue of the app requiring internet access to function- making it an offline app. At $149, I’d STRONGLY recommend folks do their homework to make absolutely sure they know what they are getting before they buy.

    The above demo vid doesn’t really show much of what it can do. The video on the website is more impressive.

    I’m coming around on this type of app for two reasons: First, it allows kids with no theory to have more interesting harmonic content in their music; and second, it can be a pretty effective tool for learning more about harmonic movement in general.

    The price is a pretty big obstacle for me. But I can see that this won’t be the kind of app that everyone will jump on.

  2. Thanks, @stub! As I mentioned above, you can grab Liquid Notes until midnight for the reduced price of $109.

    We understand our communication / marketing material is not perfect yet, and we’ll work hard on it to make this better. At present it looks a bit like Liquid Notes is just a tool with limited functionality when there is so much more to it .. but thanks for reminding us again and again, it’s a good drive for us to do better.

    Also, we have a lot of features in the pipe that will bring major improvements to your individual music production workflow and standalone operation. Keep on following our blog at http://www.re-compose.com to stay up-to-date on the latest developments!

    1. I’m going to get the demo. It’s a busy time of year for me, so unfortunately I won’t have much time to explore it. Probably won’t be able to get in on this particular price-break.

  3. This is just a hilarious reference to another recent thread from another developer who joked that his chord producing app was so innovative that everyone would be copying it and that he would sue them. It was just a joke that kind of got away from him. You had to be there.

    1. There’s gonna be: WHT Tonica from Capella Software AG, I just search the web, Thomann.de,…than: Band in a Box is going to be a similar oriented piece of software…to produce chords, generalbass, proceeding harmony,melody…things like that-depends of the grade you’re expecting, studying, composing, etc. My experience is far beyond, I write per hand my own stuff=>no hackers, programmers so far, SORRY !!

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