Moog Factory Tour – LEV-96 & The Prototype Room

This video, via Uniquesquared, wraps ups their tour of Moog Music.

Moog’s Jim Debardi takes a look at what goes on in the company’s new technology room and discusses a LEV-96, a new system that’s designed to process and control natural harmonic tones.

The LEV-96 system can control up to 96 individual harmonics, letting you create electroacoustic sounds that don’t sound specifically acoustic or electronic, but somewhere in between.

The prototype is demonstrated on an acoustic guitar, but the technology could potentially be used with a variety of types of instruments.

9 thoughts on “Moog Factory Tour – LEV-96 & The Prototype Room

  1. I too would LOVE to beta test this!! I’m delighted to see this type of development. Even though it is shown attached to the most ubiquitous instrument on the planet, the concept seems revolutionary. Finally… something new. Far to complex to be called an E-bow, and the sounds are quite interesting. What a clever idea!!!!

  2. You know you are hard-core when you have a tattoo of a Fluke meter on your arm with 666 in the display.
    Neat device.

  3. This was the best of this series of tour videos. The Lev 96 is fascinating, too. Imagine that on a piano, with notes that can sustain and morph after you play them!

  4. Hopefully they can shrink the circuitry small enough to be retrofittable to a regular electric guitar.
    Also if it has an arpeggiation feature, the envelopes and timing of the individual arpeggiation steps should be editable.


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