The Nyle Steiner 24 Stage String Filter

This video, via Mark Steiner, demo’s Nyle Steiner’s 24 Stage String Filter. 

Here’s what Mark has to say about the filter:

I learned recently of a sweepable 24 stage vactrol filter Nyle Steiner designed. He said he built about 12.

He found the one he has and plugged it in for the first time 15 years and we had a listen. It’s just beautiful.

I told him I could find no information on line or even photos etc. of it and he let me borrow it to do a demo recording. This video is my demo of the device.

It was made to make violin/string sounds using it as a static filter with 24 band pass stages, but also can do some amazing effects with the stages being swept using 24 separate vactrols.

It’s a pretty long, overproduced demo but I really wanted to capture a lot of aspects of this amazing filter. I played an A6 Andromeda, Steiner EVI, white noise, and also played a bovine acoustic simulation device into it (by popular request).

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