Nord Intros New Hammer-action Portable Nord Piano 2 HP


Musikmesse 2013: Swedish synthmaker Nord today introduced its new ultra lightweight Hammer Action Portable Nord Piano 2 HP, in advance of this week’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Nord Piano 2 HP lets you play, split and layer sounds from both the Nord Piano Library and the Nord Sample Library and features a versatile effects section – all in a lightweight package (11 kg / 24.25 lbs) with 73 keys.

All other features are identical to the Nord Piano 2 HA88. Here are the details:

Nord Piano 2 HP product features:

  • 500 MB memory for Nord Piano Library sounds
  • 128 MB memory for Nord Sample Library sounds
  • Nord Triple Pedal support (sold separately)
  • Advanced String Resonance (Gen 1)
  • Pedal Noise (requires Nord Triple Pedal)
  • Comprehensive effect section with Modulation, Delay, Amp-simulation, Compressor and Reverb effects.
  • Weight: 11 kg / 24,25 lbs

Nord Piano 2 pricing and availability: The Nord 2 HP is expected to ship next month (May 2013) and have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 2,399 EURO ($3119 US).

7 thoughts on “Nord Intros New Hammer-action Portable Nord Piano 2 HP

  1. Could it be any more expensive. A proper ‘bargain’ in these times of recession.
    I love Clavias sense of humour.
    Korgs equivalent electro piano’s have the edge in my humble opinion.

  2. Everybody is complaining about nords prices (the lead four as well), but I for one am glad. Because it means that these things where not made to a price point, and (if i’m wrong ill retract this statement) where built the best they could be and then priced. you can pay more than this for a mono compressor for gods sake and people will still say its worth it. We already have enough affordable gear, isn’t quality what everyone wants after roland and korg shat out every variation on a performance keyboard since 2001. These are quality instruments and you get what you pay for. if you want it to be affordable there are dozens if not hundreds of affordable alternatives.

    People need to stop expecting a small swedish company to magically be able to produce these things for a grand. Just cause korg can make an ms 20 for 600 dollars, doesn’t mean everyone can because they aren’t the corporate giant that is korg. People are getting too accustomed to low prices and quality is suffering. Something that is actually quality and cheap like the MS 20 Mini is a blessing, and an exception, not the rule.

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