SyncInside Turns iPad Into An Advanced Backing Track Player

syncinsideShowTools has released SyncInside – an app designed for live playback of backing tracks.

Connect a compliant USB sound card to your iPad with the Camera Connection Kit, SyncInside will play the stereo backing tracks through the sound card and the click through the headphone.

SyncInside allows you to import clips, create playlists and add memos on clips.


  • Unlimited number of clips per playlist, unlimited number of playlists
  • Auto association between backing track and sync file
  • Instant access to the last playlist used
  • Compatible with wav and aiff files (untill 4 tracks interleaved) of any lenght and size
  • Memo field for each clip
  • Tagged playlist for an easier research
  • Wide Padder with TouchUp to avoid hesitation
  • Skip function of the playing clip and of the next one running
  • Fast load button to easly manage scene’s changes
  • Visualization of current time and remaining time

SyncInside manages the two stereo files syncronised play (file 1: stereo backing tracks, file 2: click and/or timecode) or a single file (4 channel interleaved).

Note: Camera Connection Kit and a Class compliant USB sound card are required to exploit the multitrack features.

SyncInside is available for US $8.99 in the App Store.

20 thoughts on “SyncInside Turns iPad Into An Advanced Backing Track Player

  1. Saw Jessie Ware playing Coachella with what seemed like a hired band. She was triggering clips on an ipad as the songs/sections went along. Wonder if this was the app she used as I’ve not seen any other apps like this.

  2. Absolutely NO !
    SyncInside stops at the end of every clip, it automatically queues up the next clip and waits your tap.
    SyncInside is the first app that routes 4 tracks to 4 output.

    Francesco Montrone
    SyncInside lead developer

    1. I am new, I am attempting to integrate my wav files into SI I have accomplished the import through iTunes to SI app. That is as far as I get. How do I get the files into SI from ITunes. Can you send me a step by step process of getting files into SI? Or explain the file formatting process. Iam lost!!

  3. I take it all back. Syncinside is brilliant once you understand how it works – turns out I was the useless one – well at least the dumb one. Thanks also to Francesco for his patience in getting me to understand it all.

  4. Howdy! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your articles.
    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that go
    over the same topics? Appreciate it!

  5. Will it work correctly with NI Traktor Audio 2 Interface? I there a way in the app to send the track to the mains and click to the cue mix?

  6. I really love the idea and want this work, but although i load stereo wav files into Syncinside, it seems to play everything in mono over the USB port? Is there some setting i am missing here? The L/R indicators on the app show separate L & R signals, but only mono is sent out.

  7. I am having problems with Sync Inside and Behringer is202 – can’t get click out of ipad headphone out, everything is assigned correctly., USB tracks play, associated click will not.

    1. Problem solved – problem was with iPad – had to do an iPad reboot to keep ipad headphone output from automatically muting. App works amazing – just did 5 shows in Texas – worked flawlessly with the Behringer. Complete stereo playback with no bleed, stereo click is also the way to go (I add shaker to help subdivide click). 5 star rating – brilliant and simple. And Francesco has benn great!

  8. Hi,
    Do you have control over where the click track starts in relation to the backing track? We need a two bar cue/count in click for the drummer to count the band in before the song starts. Is that possible? Or, would I have to insert two bars ‘silent’ at the beginning of the song track allowing the click to start first? Would be great to have control over that as I think it’s a necessity for live performances.
    Best regards,
    Terry Nattress

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