Go Deeper Into the Sound – Unless It Will Make Your Head Explode

Reader Alistair de B Clarkson let us know about a new series of articles kicking off at the Shape of Sound site, Going Deeper into the Sound.

The series is intended for ‘music nutters’ that are obsessed by sound.

Clarkson notes:

These articles are only suitable for synthtopia readers and will result in any non synthopia reader complaining that their head will explode.

Rather than glossing over things, the first article goes into a spectral analysis of the first 90 seconds of one track off the latest Sasha album Invol3ver, performing visual, audio and rythmic analysis using different tool chains.

It was intended to do 1 track in the article; but there was soooo much to do with the intro that I forgot about the rest.

Note: If it makes your head explode, you were warned.