Korg KingKORG Synth Overview

This video is an overview of the new Korg KingKorg synthesizer, with Korg’s Rich Formidoni.

KingKorg is an analog modeling synthesizer, that Korg says is ‘based on the design philosophy of classic Korg analog synthesizers’. While a virtual synth, the KingKorg offers many analog features, including a knob-heavy design, vacuum tube drive circuitry and control voltage + gate outputs.

10 thoughts on “Korg KingKORG Synth Overview

  1. I applaud the KK overall; its clearly nailing its assigned VA tasks well, especially where the filters come in. I also think the GUI is killer-for purpose.

    What bothers me is how fragile the housing seems. What would it really add to the final cost to make the cases and keyboard actions just a bit sturdier? Of the recent synths I’ve played, virtually none feel really fluid in use. I might use a more robust controller from Novation or etc. to trigger them, but I would not really trust them as central instruments. Why do so many sell over-$1000 synths that feel like such toys? I’ve turned away from buying 2 synths because the damned things felt like game controllers. That may be okay for a few cheap-&-cheerful DJ-ish items, but not a keyboard I’m going to be playing with some vigor. I expected buttons to pop off of the worst of those 2 I played. It was as if it missed the final tighten-down station when it was made.

    Am I being too touchy or have you encountered this as well? I’d go for a KK as a tabletop module, but not in a housing that feels like my old ’63 Dodge Dart station wagon, whose sound-making abilities included many rich clanks, clatters and mini-screeches.

  2. The sound from KK was close to what I heard from exsiting Korg vst. Especially for string and bass… personnelly I would prefer lead 4 if you are looking for Va sounds.. And the design of the looking of KK is really bad… Too cheap… Can’t persuade myself to bring one on the live show… Together with a name sounds a little bit stupid…

    1. Its not a better VA than a Nord, just a different one. The sound IS pretty righteous overall; it offers a split or layer option, which seems sensible enough for a performance-leaning synth; and the CV-out hasn’t yet sunk into the popular perception just yet, but that’s a savvy way to apply that split. That’s why it deserves a tougher housing. That capability should really wow fans of any analog synth, because it can be switched to use Korg or Moog scaling, for instance. If the KK doesn’t ring your bell, no problem; everyone has different tastes & goals. Just give any new gear’s high points some credit. This one was designed with some real care.

      1. Unfortunately, inexplicably, you cannot assign the CV/GATE OUT to either side of the split- it responds to all keys regardless. This renders the potential use of a monotribe as an analog bass mono synth (or lead :D) totally useless.

        I already sent a product support question to KORG regarding this and hope to hear back from them. It would be such an easy fix to implement…

  3. U know the one time korg doesnt put their new synth into a 37 key format….is the time i really wish they had. This synth would be cool in a smaller form factor.

    1. This synth seems like its sort of a ‘muscle car’ synth, compared to their recent mini synths. Real size keys, nothing cutesy, just a straightforward straightforward synth.

  4. i tried the king korg recently in guitar center. for me, the filters did not sound like what they were emulating, and didn’t feel dynamic and analog. they sounded like VA. (not a bad thing). actually i think i prefer the filters in the alesis ion, because the ion has some weird phase filters. for trying to sound analog, i prefer u-he diva over both of those. i also found that the tube did not enhance the sound but just add nasty distortion (my opinion again). the oscillators sounded o.k. it seems like VA synths have the most difficulty emulating the dynamics and low mid saturation of analog. in the end i think this synth will get good use by some bands, especially because of the wide range of waveforms. the kk can do alot but its not what im personally looking for. viva korg.

  5. “Korg SV2” would have been a better name than “King Korg”.
    Same synth engine, same sounds, different case, different user interface.
    SV1 has a software sound editor with VA.

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