Propellerhead Retiring ReBirth For iPhone

rebirth-ipadPropellerhead Software has announced that it is retiring ReBirth for iPhone as of June 1st:

On June 1st, we’ll be retiring ReBirth for iPhone from the App store, to better focus our mobile music making offering.

If you want ReBirth for iPhone for your collection of Propellerhead apps, you have until June 1st to purchase it. After that, you’ll be able to use it as it is, but we won’t be supporting it and you won’t be able to upload your songs. You also won’t be able to download it again if you delete it from your device and your iTunes apps folder.

ReBirth for iPad, shown at right, will still be available after June 1st.

ReBirth for iPhone is available for US $2.99 in the App Store through June 1st; the iPad version is available for $14.99.

38 thoughts on “Propellerhead Retiring ReBirth For iPhone

  1. I’ll never understand the logic behind some decisions.
    still 3 dollars for the iphone version and 15 dollars for the ipad version…
    you don’t want to develop it anymore… no problem
    it’s yours, do whatever you want…
    if basically you want to throw it away
    don’t put it in the garage where it’s just going to be submerged in dust.
    why don’t you leave it free or make it open source?

    1. i will let you in on a little secret about how the world works… the logic is: money

      “On June 1st, we’ll be retiring ReBirth for iPhone from the App store, to better focus our mobile music making offering.”

      translation: why sell 3 devices together for 3 bucks when you can sell each device separately for 5 each?


      1. They already sell multiple versions, so your comment makes no sense. They’re retiring one version because nobody bought it.

        So still driven by money, but the opposite of what you suggested.

        1. it makes perfect sense unless you dont want it to

          its driven by money and the opposite of money at the same time? … uhhh… ok ….

    2. Rebirth is free, and its still available for Windows and OSX here :

      I’m pretty sure Propellerhead would do the same with the IOS version if Apple would let people install apps from the web instead of forcing everyone to use store (and forcing every devs to pay the annual fee as well, even for free apps). Who else do you think is preventing them from simply letting people download the Rebirth IOS app file from their own website?

  2. That’s a great offer. Pay the full price for it now and never be able to download it again if you have to reset or change your phone. Bunch of Muppet’s.

    1. You say Muppets like it’s a bad thing. I like Propellerhead’s stuff overal, but if they were also Muppets they would be the greatest company of all time. Lew Zealand puts the beat in beat machine.

    1. This is the real reason it’s getting canned. It was a ludicrous idea to release it for the phone in the first place. Hell, the iPad version is barely acceptable and it’s at a resolution that’s twice the size of the original PC release.

    1. They already sell multiple versions, so your comment makes no sense. They’re retiring one version because nobody bought it.

      So still driven by money, but the opposite of what you suggested.

  3. I wonder if surgically modifying your fingers is a sign of being a true ios music maker. Remove all the flesh around the tips of your fingers so it mostly bone.. but like a nice stylus to use Apps like Rebirth on an iphone

  4. ReBirth is an example of what not to do with mobile apps.

    It’s a straight port of the desktop app, so you’ve got a decent virtual studio stuck behind a mouse-based interface on a touch device. It’s super-fiddly to work with, as a result.

    I would have like to see them do a new version of ReBirth with a modern mobile interface, instead of one that copies a 10-year old virtual version of a 30-year old hardware interface.

  5. The truth is apps like rebirth were impossible to use on ipods/iphones because so much control and such a little screen. Its almost like you have to have toothpicks for fingers.

    Dont get me wrong, i loved rebirth. Its one of my favorite ios daws, but its just too hard on the tiny screen.

    This truly sucks

  6. pretty much a rip off product.
    the app hasen’t worked properly for months to a year.
    nice way to collect money from us . thanks props.

  7. Not surprising, in fact it´s the same they did to the standalone version for PC and OS X back then. And instead of developing a plugin version (or something), they came up with iOS stuff, just to retire it once again. The sad thing is that I was once an avid Reason user and even a beta tester… today I am glad there are other choices.

    1. The problem is that as is common with Apple BS–which, sadly, seems to be okay among fanboys–is that this situation is quite different. It is normal to stop support for a piece of software. Every version of every program you’ve used is doomed to that. What should be illegal and is definitely unethical is that for us idiots who bought the software (I bought the iTouch version the day of its release and, proudly, didn’t make the same mistake with the iPad one) not only support (ie future upgrades) is gone, but the possibility of reinstalling what you paid for (say on a new tablet or after a restore) is gone too.

      That is BS, that is unethical and it should be unacceptable. I’m not expert but I think Apple is a bit more to blame than Propellerhead.

  8. No great loss, as mentioned it was unusable on an iPhone.

    More generally, since they introduced the dongle for their desktop products, I’ve not been interested. I too upgraded every step of the way and it broke my heart when they did this. It felt like a betrayal. It also made it unusable because I didn’t have a spare USB port and I didn’t get Internet for online authentication. I haven’t given them another penny since – oh except for figure – but no serious money. Also as mentioned, there are far better things out there anyway.

    If they do release three separate products at $5 each, that were integrated properly with midi and audiobus, then I would probably buy them. This would be a good thing.

    If they released each of their devices from Reason as individual apps, also developed and integrated correctly, I would probably buy these too.

    What I won’t do is enter into an eco system of their own devising, I.e. Record for iPad. Why? Because if its anything like the desktop variant it would be just as unusable. Ugh!

    1. ReBirth for iPad has MIDI and Audiobus. Figure has Audiobus as well and as someone mentioned already iPhone version of ReBirth was really useless to begin with – to small.
      Btw; Latest version of reason doesn’t require USB dongle anymore…

  9. Ahhhhh… They have finally seen the error of their ways – this is good! I will have to check it out.

    I had a think about the argument that hardware always better than software, and I think I agree, but, and it’s a pretty big but, I have absolutely no problem whatsoever, with drawing a line under one iPad, leaving it ‘asis’ as a hardware instrument that has those versions of those apps on and getting a new bit of hardware, the ones that port, port, the ones that don’t, don’t.

    I’ve already done this with my old tower PC running all those soft synths from back in the day, not that I boot it up often, but it’s there if. Want it and it could be virtualised in parallels. No one can take it away.

    The sad fact is that software, and data formats have a much shorter shelf life than we would like to believe. and it’s definitely not just music software.

    What worries me more is this move to subscription models, Adobe are doing it with CS and that really is ephemeral… I will be keeping a machine with an installed version of CS for as long as possible!

  10. A simplified reason controller for iOS would rock for making patch connections.

    Or even a simplified “reason” combi. Release it free or cheap on iOS and let us load it into a pay rack extension in reason on windows or OSX.

  11. They should make the rebirth devices into reason devices, because they are pretty cool. Why haven’t they done it yet?

  12. Hmm… I checked out Reason 7 and they want €129 but I really can’t see any compelling reason to upgrade.

    I use Ableton predominantly and have no desire to switch over to Reason to do these jobs, no VSTs/AUs, hideous transport and weird workflow etc…

    The best things about Reason are Malstrom, Thor, Subtractor & NN-XT. I can use these via re-wire in Ableton in Reason version 5.

    Am I missing something here?

    Re. Reason devices, they’re all back to front, they should be making their devices industry standard and releasing them into the wild, not trying to get everyone else to follow suit – it would be fine if it was a good environment to work in, but really, it’s not!

    If they release all the devices and individual products that are compatible with every other environment (just like everyone else does) then they get my money, otherwise… no sale!

  13. I forgot about the effects, the RV7000 and the BV512 Vocoder are great, as is the RPG-8… these I do actually miss using! Shame…

  14. come on rebirth for iphone sucks anyway ^^

    i hope they bring us a better more reason like version of figure or a patchable modular based on the reason engine.

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