New Mac Pro Promises Fast & Furious Face-Melting OS X Action – Was It Worth The Wait?


Apple today offered a sneak preview of its next generation Mac Pro desktop computer – something pro Mac users have been looking for for years.

It’s fast and furious, promising up to 2.5 times the speed of the existing Mac Pro line, up to 12 cores, dual GPUs, Thunderbolt 2, faster memory and flash storage. So, it will be a screamer.ย But the form factor could be the most talked about aspect of the new Mac.

The redesigned Mac Pro dumps the traditional tower format of its predecessors, in favor of a small, futuristic and appliance-like form. The form factor may generate love/hate reactions, because – while Apple calls the new Mac Pro “our most expandable Mac yet”, much of that expansion is in the form of high-speed connectivity. According to Apple, the new Mac Pro supports up to 36 high-performance Thunderbolt-based peripherals.

Here’s what Apple has to say about the new Mac Pro:

The next generation Mac Pro is architected around an ingenious unified thermal core that allows the desktop to efficiently share its entire thermal capacity across all the processors. The result is a pro desktop with breakthrough performance packed into a design that is one-eighth the volume of the current Mac Pro.

face-meltingNext generation Intel Xeon E5 processors with up to 12 core configurations deliver double the floating point performance. With two AMD FirePro workstation-class GPUs, the all-new Mac Pro is up to 2.5 times faster than the current Mac Pro and delivers up to an amazing 7 teraflops of compute power.

The new Mac Pro also features PCIe-based flash storage that is up to 10 times faster than conventional desktop hard drives and includes the latest four-channel ECC DDR3 memory running at 1866 MHz to deliver up to 60GBps of memory bandwidth. With all that power, the new Mac Pro lets you seamlessly edit full-resolution 4K video while simultaneously rendering effects in the background.

The next generation Mac Pro is the most expandable Macยฎ ever built. With six Thunderbolt 2 ports that can deliver up to 20Gbps of bandwidth to each external device, Mac Pro is perfect for connecting to external storage, multiple PCI expansion chassis, audio and video breakout boxes, and the latest external displays, including 4K desktop displays. Each of the six Thunderbolt 2 ports supports up to six daisy-chained devices, giving you the ability to connect up to 36 high-performance peripherals. Thunderbolt 2 is completely backwards compatible with existing Thunderbolt peripherals, and allows you to transfer data between Macs faster and easier than ever.

The new Mac Pro will be available later this year. Pricing and exact specs are to be announced.

What do you think of the new Mac Pro? Is it worth the wait?

119 thoughts on “New Mac Pro Promises Fast & Furious Face-Melting OS X Action – Was It Worth The Wait?

    1. Or a high-end ash tray.

      But IF this thing performs as promised, old-school towers are history. I’d expect the pricing to be more aggressive, since this thing is a fraction of the size of the old Mac Pros.

        1. It will use drastically less materials, have fewer parts and require less manual assembly – so my thought was Taft this would let them reduce prices, as it has on the iPad and MacBook Air.

          But we’ll have to see when they announce prices. If its under $2k, I’m sold.

            1. I’m looking forward to specs and pricing on this.

              Many of Apple’s introductions over the last couple if years (think ipad 1 and 2nd gen Macbook Air) have been priced more aggressively than people expected. Maybe this will fall into that category!

              Otherwise, my next Mac will be a mini.

            2. i say if it stays under four iam happy

              under two ? with 2x128GB discs and a quadcore i7 ? for what?

              “if” i would buy a machine like that then for sure not with the minimum configuration.

              lately i tend to buy mac minis though, theyre small depending on the hardware ok to pretty strong, and if i need more power i can setup a render cluster

              i do a lot of 3d animations, and a fast computer is cool, but if you only own one machine its still worse then two “not that fast” computers.

              having a machine rendering while you work on other parts of the project is better then the nicest user experience because of a superfast workhorse computer where you can only render over night because you work during the day on the same project.

          1. It will have pci express ssd, hard disk faster than anything u know. Its nothing comparable wit macbook, other level shit

    2. A computer on which you cannot put anything on top of it or else it will overheat? You cannot even stack two of those one atop another?

      That is just bad design. This one will go the way of the Apple Cube (for those who can remember it)

      1. First off the apple cube couldn’t even dream of being as powerful as this mac pro, most high end pcs today couldn’t even compare, Its specs will drive this guys sales, not the unconventional design. Second, if this design keeps it cooler than a traditional cooling system, (which is probably the only reason it looks the way it does) than it is 100% worth it. These are professional machines that can stream about 120 gb/s through all of its thunderbolt ports and produce 7 teraflops of processing power AND its tiny and you’re worrying about it not being stackable????? Some people…

        1. I’m not sure that I’m happy with a circular design resembling a bathroom trash can either. But more to the point, in terms of “stack-ability” I’m less concerned with whether I can put things on top of it but rather with how (in the world) I’m going to be able to rack mount it.

          Previously, our studio had several Xserve machines racked. (A large render farm and another cluster sharing audio computing. The racks aid in storage of the units as well as power management, cable routing and servicing. The server rooms are ver well air conditioned ). – Anyway, when support waned after Apple killed xserve, we replaced them with towers. The towers were able to be rack mounted with special hardware. Still, their rectangular shape allowed for a fair amount of space saving. I’m curious to see what solution there will be for 30 trash cans.

          The other thing that we’re looking at will be the cost choice incurred upgrading or cross-grading PCIe cards to external thunderbolt2 rack units or external PCIe enclosures.

      2. As far as not being able to stack these machines goes: Hot air rises. Consequently, stacking high performance machines is a stupid idea. And, honestly, how many people actually need to have more than one of these monsters in their home studio?

        1. There are plenty of high performance rack-based systems with well-designed cooling systems. Blade centers are a good example. While hot air rises, forced air cooling can keep very fast systems operating well within specs and not overheating. I work with such systems daily. However, this is an interesting design because of its approach, but it is by no means the only obvious one. I do think studios may need to speak to their cleaning staff and office help, otherwise, a producer / engineer is going to come in one morning and find that someone has said: “Ohhh look – someone left the potted plant on the desk – let me put it back in its holder…” with all the attendant problems of water leaking out through the hole in the bottom of the flower pot. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      3. its a bad design because you cant staple them?

        so if you have two computer at home you just put one on top of the other, thats it?

        thats the most unprofessional arguement i heard for a long time ^^
        dont be an amateur, if you own expensive tools put them in a toolbox and if you own two computers you want to stack then buy a rack or think about other possibilities, but dont just stack them directly ?!

        and then use it as an arguement, thats like saing a ferrari is worse design then a bicycle just because the bike stays intact when you put one on top of the other. both are not built for that, no matter what the enduser does

  1. Macintosh computers, tax avoiders, crappy working conditions, for those who make all the wealth.
    Their stuff is loosing it’s cred .

    1. Brandon –

      I’ve worked in China (HK, Mainland and Taipei) and can promise you that Apple has significantly raised the working conditions for Chinese workers. They set working standards for their suppliers that are better than just about anywhere in China, and so jobs at their supplier factories are coveted.

      Also, the Mac Pros are made in the US, so your comment comes across as uninformed at best.

      They ARE tax avoiders – yet yet they STILL pay more taxes than any other US company. Like it or not, corporations are supposed to make and keep as much as they can.

      1. Tax ‘Evasion’ is when you break laws. Tax ‘avoidance’ is using existing tax and company laws to reduce your tax below a level that ordinarily you should be paying. Though not illegal, excessive abuse of it is considered to be immoral because you are using your great wealth (it costs money to avoid tax) to give far less back to your country than the ordinary person. This is what Apple have been doing. Their effective tax rate is 2%. How much do you pay?

        1. If you read up on it, the low tax rate is based on all the money Apple’s international operations make. They’ve got no business or ‘moral’ reason to bring that money back to the US, and The IRS makes it prohibitive to do.

          1. And the international operations are registered in tax havens like Ireland. That’s very much tax avoidance and in my opinion pretty immoral on both parties, the tax havens and the companies that use them.

        1. Wow, 13.4% is actually quite high, compared to what Apple have actually paid – 2%. Although even at 2% they paid more taxes than any other American company, just not their fair share.

          Corporation tax is not to be confused with income tax. High earning individuals can be on 51% in some countries, but companies generate income for employees so they pay a lesser rate because profit is not salary, and that is right and fair. However, once company directors take dividends or salaries from the company profits, they are obliged to pay full income tax, unless they themselves are companies etc etc.

          But Apple paying 2% is really out of order. However, no surprise considering the incredibly low level of charity donations Steve Jobs made whilst he was alive. Bill Gates has been far more generous with his personal wealth. Jobs couldn’t even use it to keep himself alive, opting for a diet change to cure cancer rather than employing the best doctors known to man. I’m an Apple fan, wouldn’t use anything else, but I do question their intentions when it comes to the greater good.

          1. Jobs was sort of douchy as an individual, but Apple’s been very progressive on many issues (recognizing same-sex partners, green manufacturing, pushing for better labor practices by its suppliers).

            Bill Gates and Microsoft are just the opposite. Gates has been generous with his time and wealth post-Microsoft, but ran Microsoft in ultra-douchy ways.

  2. In form, it reminds me of the Mac Cube, which was sexy but didn’t really work out.

    I’m happy to ditch the size of the tower, especially if I can things like the UAD in Thunderbolt format.

      1. But then again, a lot of tech stuff looks like darth vaders R2D2 nowadays, so it won’t conflict with peoples interior. Whatever interior that may be. Their interior of their interior like skeletor.
        Skeletor….all your base are belong to us.

  3. I’d see this on the floor next to my trash bin or on my desk next to my cup on coffee. Not sure about the design yet… but I love the concept.

  4. What I want to know is, how deep is that space inside? if it runs all the way down then I can’t see the benefit of the shape, but i’m sure there is one, air flow and cooling perhaps? the problems with anything cylindrical is it is inherantly difficult to place next to other objects without wasting space. I know its not BIG big, but every inch of desktop realestate has to be justified.

    1. You need to check out the preview pages on the Apple site. There is a large heat sink that runs through the center of the unit that all the boards share. That way there is a single cooling system which makes the unit quieter and less prone to failure. Thus the cylindrical shape…where all main components can share equally with the cooling system. It’s a pretty revolutionary design.

      If I eventually get one, I want it to be dressed up like a miniature Cray with little benches running around its circumference!

  5. tha fuk? i thought getting a high end pc desktop for a workstation but this might change my mind. i am smelling alot of problems to be resolved in the first gen tho…

    1. @Phil Wilson : you’re complaining about waste of real estate on your desk while Apple just given you the extra 7/8 of space compared to your current Mac Pro (if you have one)? That’s a weird and needlessly picky statement ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Yeah but you could pile up papers or anything on top of that old Mac Pro. If you do the same on this one you will block the air flow and eventually will kill this machine.

        How come they haven’t tought about that one? Unless.. they intentionally made it like this because its made like this because they don’t want you to hide it under clutter? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. How will I mount this in a rack? I like the six thunder bolt ports but no internal expansion? No Optical drive? Would I be more receptive if this thing was cubed shaped?

      1. Yeah, I guess that was a stupid question. Anyway, I just realized that this thing can support 7 HD displays outside the box. 11 if you use a USB to VGA adaptor. But what if you had a triple head 2 go on each thunderbolt and HDMI port. That’s like 21 displays.

        1. Its not a stupid question, Apple stopped producing rack servers years ago and the Mac Pro and Mac mini are the products they are proposing to people who needs to replace them.

              1. Admin: Personal attack deleted.

                Noone – we welcome vigorous discussion of both our posts and reader comments, but not name-calling or expletive-filled comments focusing on other readers.

                There were 5 more of your comments that were held for moderation because of their content. These have been deleted also, because they were filled with name-calling and expletives.

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              2. Whizzer – we welcome active discussions about our posts or other comments, but your last comment is starting to get personal. Please keep your comments on topic and constructive or they will be deleted.

                1. Its hard to keep a conversation civil once you’ve been called “stupid” out of the blue by some clueless guy interfering in a legitimate discussion.

                  But whatever, all I see is that you deleted my comment, yet “his” insulting comment, which started this whole thing, has not been deleted… ok then…I understand you think its ok if people insult me, and that I should not respond, how can I not see this as complete BS?

                  1. Instructions on how to behave on Synthtopia.

                    First, let’s have a look at this discussion which happened today.

                    (ProgressiveSoul) : How will I mount this in a rack? I like the six thunder bolt ports but no internal expansion? No Optical drive?

                    (Huh) : How would you mount any tower computer in a rack?

                    (ProgressiveSoul) : Yeah, I guess that was a stupid question.

                    (noone) : Its not a stupid question, Apple stopped producing rack servers years ago and the Mac Pro and Mac mini are the products they are proposing to people who needs to replace them. [extra note: because some people do have a need for OSX servers].

                    (noone) : To the people downvoting this : why do you hate the truth so much? Its on Appleโ€™s own website!

                    (Whizzer) : Itโ€™s not your truthiness that we hate โ€“ its your stupid comments.

                    That escalated quickly. Notice how Whizzer’s comment came out of nowhere with such a convincing and intricate argument?

                    Whizzer’s comment is not a personal attack, his comment is on topic and constructive, because we all know this noone guy is one stupid ?ssh?le we all hate.

                    So remember kids, this is a completely acceptable way to get in discussion with people you’ve never spoken to before and meet friends on Synthtopia, where people are encouraged to express their opinion, even if its not popular.

              3. Thank you for your valuable and well argumented input. I hope to have another enlightening discussion with you in the future.

                (P.S. I wish I could call you stupid too, but it looks like only you and the others have the permission to do so).

          1. “The Mac Pro and Mac mini are the products they are proposing to people who needs to replace them.”

            WTH? There’s no market for rack-mounted Mac servers. Even Microsoft rack-mount systems are becoming legacy systems for many companies, in favor of cloud-based services.

            Criticizing the new Mac Pro because you don’t like how it looks makes more sense than criticizing it because it’s not something it’s not intended to be.

            1. “WTH? Thereโ€™s no market for rack-mounted Mac servers. ”

              Look at this page and tell me what you see :

              What I do see is that you have no clue what you are talking about

              “Even Microsoft rack-mount systems are becoming legacy systems for many companies, in favor of cloud-based services.”

              This is the most laughable part of your comment, really what do you think those cloud-based services are powered by? Droplets of water in air? But thanks for your valuable input.

              1. Do you see any rack mount servers on that page?

                No – because there’s no market for Apple rack mount servers. If there was, Apple would be all over it.

                Do you have any criticisms of the new Mac Pro that are actually relevant to the product?

                1. “Do you see any rack mount servers on that page?”

                  No, because Apple does not make them anymore, and the OSX license prevents everybody from selling OSX based servers. Hence why they recommend those products.

                  “No โ€“ because thereโ€™s no market for Apple rack mount servers. If there was, Apple would be all over it.”

                  Yes then this must be the reason why there are many existing products not made by Apple to integrate the Mini and the Pros into rackmounts. Google “rackmount mac mini”

                  “Do you have any criticisms of the new Mac Pro that are actually relevant to the product?”

                  …Says the guy who is interfering in my discussion with ProgressiveSoul about how it was not a stupid question to ask “How will I mount this in a rack?”. You are the one interfering with comments which are not relevant to the discussion.

                  And yes I do have criticism about the new Mac pro, you cannot put anything on top of them, not even papers, or else you will cover the air ventilation.

                  1. You are right – If you’re one if those guys that wants to put your desktop computer in a rack and store junk on top of it, the new design is a show stopper.

                    1. It’s not the look i’m concerned about, its being able to use the new Mac Pro as a rack mountable media server. A lot of people use the MacPro in a touring situations and a cylindrical shape could complicate things. I love the smaller footprint and having 6 thunderbolt 2 ports, but dont want my desk or rack looking like a rat’s nest of wires.

                    2. The “cloud” you speak of is nothing more then a bunch of rack mounted servers.

                      It’s not the look i’m concerned about, its being able to use the new Mac Pro as a rack mountable media server. A lot of people use the MacPro in a touring situation and a cylindrical shape could complicate things. for one, if i store it upright that is going take up alot of space in a rack. it seem more logical to mount it sideways which should be ok but then again who really knows.

                      I love the smaller footprint and having 6 thunderbolt 2 ports, but dont I want my desk or rack looking like a rat’s nest of wires. Heres to cable management

  7. If you think about it, an elongated cube is really a terrible shape for air flow, so this design could make a lot of sense. The unified fan on top reminds me of the design in the big iMac, where one huge fan can cool the whole computer by moving at a much slower (and quieter!) speed. This new Mac Pro could be totally silent, which alone would be worth the price of admission for audio work. And if the footprint is less than that of a huge cubic case, the cylindrical displacement ceases to be a problem. As for internal expandability… after a couple decades of computer use on both Mac and PC, I can tell you that if you have a need for cards/drives of any kind, no computer ever has enough internal expandability, and you inevitably make trade-offs or get an external box to hold them.

  8. The stumbling block for people is that they ditched all the legacy stuff – hard drives, expansion bays and card slots.

    They did that with the iMac (disk drives, ADB connectors) and had a hit. They did the same thing with the Air (ditching CD/DVD drives and hard drives), and had another huge hit.

    You don’t need all that old crap anymore!

    Apples one of the few companies with the balls to do this and the design chops to pull it off.

    In a few years, every PC maker will be copying this.

  9. I will probably buy one, but mostly because I have a scheme to use one to clear the control room of all that “funny cigarette smoke” when needed.

  10. Super powerful and small easyier to carry around, this thing takes a dump on my PC tower which is huge and weighs a tonne I’m in!

  11. The new Mac Pro is assembles here, with components built out side of the US… It had better be cheaper, since we have to spend an extra grand or so on an expansion chassis for any of our current cards…

  12. Seems my waiting for a Mac Pro was worth the wait. Looking forward to running multiple copies of Diva without my Mac crying.

  13. I think the focus on Thunderbolt outboard is extremely cool since it allows to set up a “live rig” that can also be used at home:

    You have a few PCIe expansions that host all the stuff you only need at home. And then you have a PCIe expansion that features all the cards (e.g. UAD) you also want to use when you are on the road. But when you are back home you just plug it back into the Mac Pro. I think this is great because it enhances the value and the purpose of PCIe cards!

    But on the other hand, Thunderbolt stuff will be pricey, no doubt about that. Nevertheless, I think the new Mac Pros look very promising ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ? thunderbolt 2 gear you can buy right now for that LIVE RIG you’re talking about –

      PCIe expansions
      is good – if the cards are not crammed in together

      cool apple design– yes –
      crappy thermal configuration AGAIN
      just cram everything in together ?

      – they should have made a bigger mac mini
      apple is good at that —
      you know making something bigger ๐Ÿ™‚

      on the PC
      there are thunderbolt pcie cards or motherboard with onboard
      there will be thunderbolt 2..

      – i only use it for loading and offloading a full drive
      and to plug n my monitors

      ….. water cooling is 101 if you’re talking performance

      apple fail

      1. That’s just silly. If I’ve learned anything from apple’s pricing model, it’s that there’s always someone out there with an extra 2 grand to blow for a little more processing power.

      1. You’re right! I’m very surprised by this – It’s a beautiful design and very powerful, but I’m really surprised that they are limiting the CPU so much by not allowing that option. Looking through some of the specs for other E5 chips, some of them even allow a 4 CPU configuration! Now that would be quite a workstation!

  14. I’m happy that Apple decided to go with truly pro-specs. This machine is totally overkill for anything I’m doing and I suspect a lot of producers are doing. Three 4K displays, PCIE SSD… it’s an embarrassment of riches. It is awesome and overbuilt, as a “Pro” device should be. iMacs and MBPs are fine with me. This is for a different market and I’m cool with that. Not that I wouldn’t love one, but I can’t spare the kidney!

  15. Last fall, my 2006 Mac Pro finally bit it and I struggled with a decision to buy a Mac Pro full of old tech or the new (at the time) Mini. I went with the Mini (mostly due to money problems) and after seeing this, I’m glad that I did. My main objection to the Mini was last of internal expansion (and my objection to the new iMacs in the memory replacement issue on the lower end model). So, if the new MP is a mega-Mini, so to speak, I’m happier with my purchase than I was to begin with.

    Would I cough up the cash for it? Hell yeah, just for 6 TB ports and gig WiFi. But I’m still happy with my Mini and learning to deal with less internal and more external gear.

  16. I know from happy experience that Apple honors the hell out of the extended warranty, so in buying any Mac, add $300 to the price as the best insurance around. However…. my iMac still runs like a top, yet after 5 years, its already being gradually pressed out to pasture by the dropping of “support” for anything more than one OS generation back. We’re talking basically $2k and up for any new Mac. Pardon me, but WTF… The now-26-year-old synth workstation I bought USED in 1996 still performs, but a high-end OS starts crumbling after five? I’m mostly a humble Logic user, so a Mini would be plenty at my level, but its still $2k by the time I include the warranty and just a cheap monitor. I know this is an old complaint, but the demands are coming closer together now and its giving my brain rug burn. I can’t imagine even playing the OS/app shell game that IS owning an iPad.

    I’m committed to Macs for their great stability, but I’m less concerned about the shiny new stats and more with the expectation that I must buy a new system every 5-6 years to keep up with all of the “improved” OS versions (which rarely do jack for my real needs), upgrade all of my plugs and migrate my data yet again. Living strictly inside a Kronos for music is looking better all the time.

    1. My Mac Mini has been running strong since 2006, without a hiccup.

      These should be even more reliable, because they’ve eliminated the mechanical things that tend to fail.

  17. I have never been a mac guy before. This however changes things. This thing should be able to handle fractal music creation with ease. Meaning for every note played, multiple tracks could then be created from that point on. This thing just sounds to good to be true. It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.

  18. It’s curious that so many are hung up on the shape.

    The tower format was created 25 years ago. I’ll take 7 teraflops and gigabit wireless over a giant box under my desk.

  19. First of all I would like to say superb blog! I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you do not mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind prior to writing. I have had a tough time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out. I truly do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any ideas or hints? Many thanks!

  20. The form shape doesn’t matter aesthetically but it does look well machined. Smaller with less noise is better though. I’ll buy one when it is suitable for me because I know the sumbitch will work and this one will work fast. I’m glad they are not dragging obsolesce along with their new machine like it’s a virtue.

    Hope it comes in colors. I’ll take a red one, or better yet, a pink one that I can put Hello Kitty stickers on just to keep the “men” from bothering it…. Well, maybe not, black looks real good.

    1. I’ve never been able to bling out my gear – after spending a grand or two on a computer or synth, I can’t see putting stickers on it!

  21. By upgradeable they must mean only with parts available from Apple. The RAM slots look standard but the video cards and storage appear to have a proprietary form factor even if they’re based on connectivity standards. I’ll keep my homebrew tower and run Mac OSX in a VM. Though if an employer puts one of these on my desk I certainly won’t complain as long as it’s loaded up with RAM.

  22. Wait, no DDR4?
    Aren’t the new Haswell Xeons supposed to ship in September and support DDR$
    And AMD in a high-end machine?
    Aren’t nVidia ruling the market?

  23. anyone else notice that the power button seems to be located in a real inconvenient place, especially if you have a crap ton of peripherals attached….

  24. I can’t wait for Logic Pro to max out one of these amazing cores while the other ones sit around playing angry birds, Pro App updates to come?

  25. I’m not into the Mac thing anymore… Steve jobs is gone, Apple doesn’t pay taxes like we humans do, people who work for them jump off roofs and I tried building a faster cheaper windows PC and it has performed great … so I am migrating.

  26. I hope MOTU is going to finish drivers for Thunderbolt PCIe expanders (and they are stable and fast enough). Without stable PCIe or Thunderbolt/PCIe solution the Mac Pro is useless for me (I am really ot going to throw away my UAD and large MOTU PCI424 based system.

  27. This looks like it might employ a venturi.

    The shape is much more in tune with how air should flow efficiently through a structure. It’s pretty ingenious actually, if it’s not just for show.

    If it’s 3K or under I’ll pop for one.

    1. Everyone seems to overlook what really makes a computer useful: the software. None of the software you now use on a MacPro will run on the new one. All your E-satadisks (I’ve 20 TB in- and external) need to be replaced by Thunderbold-2 ones or need an expensive interface. All your PCI-e-cards: throw them away and buy IF POSSIBLE Thunderbold-2 ones. The basic model costs about $ 2500 and you will have to buy EVERYTHING new. So add another $ 8000 to it (In my case). And the basic model is about the same as my MacPRo model 2.1, maybe somewhat faster. So to really make a leap forwards I should buy a middle system and add another $ 3000. All by all replacing my MacPro will cost me about $14.000-$ 16.000.
      Oh, I forgot that my Cinema-display can’t connect to Thunderbold-2 with an special expensive interface.
      But I better buy a bunch of 4-K displays which I never will use all together.
      Hope my Mac will still run for a couple of years. After that I build my own PC as I was used to until someone told me that I better could buy Apple.

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