Nord Drum 2 vs Nord Beat 2 Step Sequencer Improvisation

This video, via NordKeyboards, captures an improvised live performance by Jon-Eirik Boska, on Nord Drum 2 & Nord Beat 2 step sequencer.

Here are the technical details:

The Nord Drum 2 is sequenced from the Nord Beat 2 MIDI step sequencer for iPad (connected via an iRig MIDI interface).

The sounds of the Nord Drum 2 are all synthesized in real-time – allowing you to both sculpt and play sounds with a unique dynamic response, regardless if you prefer to play with drum sticks or from a sequencer.

See the Nord site for details on the Nord Drum 2 modeling percussion synthesizer and the Nord Pad. The Nord Beat 2 app is a free download from the App Store.

11 thoughts on “Nord Drum 2 vs Nord Beat 2 Step Sequencer Improvisation

        1. It’s not that you’re not entitled to your own opinion, rather it’s comparing volca beats to nord drum 2 isn’t really fair. They’re two totally different machines.

  1. I’ll wait pay day. Volca ain’t doing this shit.

    And not that this is very expensive either…

    Will surely collect them all Volcas too, but oranges are still oranges.

  2. I wonder if it might be worth grabbing this whilst it’s free to use with a Volca beats?

    Its not tied to the Nord drum, its just a MIDI sequencer.

    That way you get a sweet ipad sequencer and analog drum sounds.

  3. It’s always been free, so no need to rush to the store, but it’s certainly worth getting.

  4. I wish Clavia would take something like the Nord Drum and elevate it into a virtual analog drum synthesizer that offers more parameters, extensive editing to create and shape sounds, and real-time tweaking. Something like a Nord Lead rack with lots of knobs, but specially designed for drum / cymbal / percussion synthesis.

    Like the Nord Drum, but taken to a whole new level. It could have around 6 voice outs, a master out, and allow enough drum pad triggers for a full kit.

    Midi, & USB so we could load sounds into the synthesizer to tweak them, and layer, or play in combination with the source sounds.

    Filters, LFO’s, effects such as gated reverb, distortion, EQ, compression, re-triggers, delay, etc.

    Both the dance music community and drummers / percussionists looking for electronic sounds would gobble this up.

    This could really be a beast of a drum synthesis machine. And I feel it would be a great seller.

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