Todd Barton Explains The Buchla Music Easel

This video, via Modular Wild, captures a demonstration of the Buchla Music Easel by composer, musicians and Buchla guru Todd Barton.

It’s about an hour in length. It covers the architecture of the Music Easel, offers lots of audio demos and Barton’s perspective on working with it.

Here’s an photo of the Buchla Music Easel for reference:


Barton’s presentation was filmed at Knobcon 2013.

Video by Raul Pena.

4 thoughts on “Todd Barton Explains The Buchla Music Easel

  1. Feels a bit weird to say this but it’s too bad he doesn’t just call a factory in china and have them build him 2K of these so we regular humans can get one at a decent price.

    1. There are plenty of synths that are designed to be cheaply manufactured.

      This clearly wasn’t designed to be cheaply manufactured, it was designed to be a great instrument.

  2. I’m no Buchla expert but that photo shows the original music easel whereas the presentation talks about the new music easel.

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