Presonus Buys Notion

notion-presonusPreSonus has announced that it has bought Notion Music, the developer of music-notation app Notion 4.0 (Mac/Windows), Notion for iPad, Progression 2.0 guitar-tab editing software (Mac/Windows), and Progression for iPad.

PreSonus says that the acquisition will benefit users of both Notion and Presonus’ Studio One DAW. 

“Notion is a strategic part of our increased commitment to the education market. And, at the same time, there are powerful natural synergies between Notion and our Studio One DAW,” says PreSonus CEO Jim Mack. “Expect that all PreSonus customers will see additional benefits from this acquisition in the future.”

Adds PreSonus Executive VP of Product Management John Bastianelli, “With Notion 4 and Progression for iPad, we’re clearly doubling down on our investment in mobile computing. We’ve also emphasized integrated solutions with all of our software, so it makes sense that we would incorporate Notion and Progression into new solutions for composers and educators.”

2 thoughts on “Presonus Buys Notion

  1. This is very welcome news if it leads to S1 having a score editor. Notion is very nice on the iPad – (I use Notion alongside Sibelius and Finale – and while not as “big” as each of those offerings it is not a light-weight product either). Presonus say they plan to continue to support Notion’s other applications ongoing – but it will be interesting to see if they also turn it into a score editor inside S1. I’d like to see that in the next S1 update! 🙂


  2. I’ve never used presonus products. I’m more concerned about how it will change things for notion users.

    I just recently bought a copy of notion 4. I like the way how it is/was, sounds great, and focused on notation, while remaining affordable. (I always thought that only the ~600 USD Finale + Garritan could do that). Very useful for composing because what you hear is almost what you get, unlike similarly priced or free notation programs…

    I hope that whatever makes notion great will stay or get even better.

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