VotanDSP Intros The Votan Platform, A ‘Telepathic’ Synth Engine For iOS & Mac

votan-telepathyVotanDSP has introduced the Votan Platform – a new solution for bridging the worlds of iOS music applications and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) based music production.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

How many times have you touched a great music app on iOS only to realize it’s limitations begin at the first touch? It sounds great, but capturing and utilizing the sounds for DAW can be tedious and frustrating.

Musicians need flexibility and platform unity, so that the time spent musing around on iOS, actually becomes time invested in your next hit tune. The Votan Platform fills this gap with a series of innovative and future thinking technologies.

The Votan Platform is engineered as a dual-use solution over both platforms (iOS / DAW). Everything you design on iOS will be available in your DAW. The Votan Platform takes care of everything in between. Like magic, everything will be in perfect sync.

The Votan Platform has three main elements:

  • Votan Telepathy – a software synthesis app for iOS
  • Telepathy AU – a 32/64 bit AU version of the Telepathy synth engine
  • Votan Cloud & Control – this is the glue that ties together the iOS app and the AU version. The Votan Cloud lets you sync your patches to cloud-based storage, where you can sync them with other devices or with friends. Votan Control lets you control each of the Votan standalone apps or DAW audio units directly from your iOS device.

The features of the Votan Platform are designed to address some of the key workflow gaps created by the introduction of iOS music apps. There are plenty of great software synths, but they can be a challenge to integrate with desktop DAWs.

Audulus has just addressed cloud-based syncing also, but it’s built on Apple’s own iCloud storage system. VotanDSP’s approach – using their own cloud system – may offer additional flexibility, but it also means that the feature is dependent on the success of the new platform.

Votan Telepathy Synthesis Engine

Here are audio examples of the Votan Telepathy Synthesis Engine in action:

Votan Telepathy Synthesis Engine Features:

  • Oscillators:
    • 4 x Free Range Oscillators with Band-limited alias free Virtual Analogue waveforms. Free-range means they can be unlocked from key frequencies, and then used intelligently as audio rate modulators for FM and Ring Modulation. You can also morph between the different wave-shapes (Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square).
  • Filters:
    • 4 x Multi-filters with traditional Virtual Analog(Moog Ladder, MS20, TB303 emulations), Digital IIR and Formant Phase filters, 2/4 Pole with standard filter types Low Pass, High Pass, Band Reject, and Band Pass.
    • In depth internal filter routing between the filters, with Parallel, Series and Stereo Split.
  • LFOs:
    • 4 x LFO’s with transitional and morphing wave shapes.
  • Envelopes:
    • 4 x Envelopes, standard ADSR, Filter and 2 x assignable envelopes.
  • Modulation:
    • 6 x Modulation Matrix Slots for extensive modulations
  • FX:
    • 4 x FX Slots with Delay, Distortion, Chorus, Flange, 4 Band EQ, Decimator, and Glitch algorithms.
  • Performance Control:
    • 4 x XY Pads, with direct assignment of ALL parameters for in-depth performance control. You can trigger notes directly from the Pads.
    • User assignable Keyboard with key selector(select the keys you need to play, not the rest)
  • Binaural Beat Generator:
    • Votan Telepathy has been built with binaural synthesis in mind. You can assign each oscillator to play through Left or Right channels to create binaural beats with extended synthesis capabilities. The system can create all brain frequencies from 0.01hz up to megahertz. Get experimenting with the invisible frequencies of the mind.
  • Votan Telepathy Audio Unit – Votan Telepathy is also available an 32/64 bit AudioUnit, which is a direct mirror of the iOS app and fully compatible with all presets.
  • Votan Connect – The iOS app can also act as a touch controller for the audio unit
  • Votan Cloud – The Votan Cloud is an integrated Preset Management System. Users can create soundscapes and store them in their own device or in the Votan Cloud.

Note: iPad 4+ recommended for iOS synthesis. iPad 2+ for controlling the Audio Unit.

For more information, see the VotanDSP site.

If you’ve used The Votan Platform, leave a comment and let us know about your experience with it!

8 thoughts on “VotanDSP Intros The Votan Platform, A ‘Telepathic’ Synth Engine For iOS & Mac

  1. Yikes, those sound examples aren’t really selling me, but at least we can deduce that this synth has a digital delay effect. 🙂

  2. I bought it when it first came out this past week…when it was 6.99 (or what it 7.99)…it sucked pretty bad and I got a refund the next day. Now the price is 13.99… Who are they kidding? MAJOR disappointment from the presets to the buggy as hell app itself. Upon further investigation of the website…they say they are based in the U.K. but I am a bit leery of this…there are tons of typos all over the place on the website. Makes me wonder: are they REALLY from the U.K. and just are not professional enough to care about proofing their own company site -or- are they using the U.K. address as a front because of…well, whatever?
    VotanDSP: next time, release the product when it is solid and won’t put a major blemish on your company reputation…and don’t raise the price a few days after releasing it…WTF
    One more thing: DON’T use K’inich Pakal’s profile next time, less not for a fabulous app!…he’s rolling in his tomb right about now.

  3. To be fair, the price was only 13.99 for perhaps a day. It is back down to 6.99. The other points of contention still stand.

    1. How did you go about getting a refund, I sent the developer an email and still have yet to get a response, and it looks like you must invest in their AU to get more from the app.

      1. Just go to your iTunes account and look for refunds under your recent app purchase history…from there you will see option for a refund…such a shame considering the description of it got me totally stoked!

  4. Don’t know what your all fussing about. This synth is fantastic and looks like it will evolve nicely too.. I got the AU and the iPad app, works beautifully together.. For sure its not your typical preset synth, and most of the sounds are a bit deranged.. but I like that, suits my style..

    1. If it suits your style and you emphasized that how do you not get that others would not find it good?

      Are you a shill or just annoying on purpose?

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