MIDI Editor for iPad Released

midi-editor-ipadDeveloper Nikolozi Meladze released a new app, MIDI Editor, that is designed to let you easily compose on an iPad.

MIDI Editor turns your iPad into a music sketchpad. It lets you compose melodies, chord progressions and drum patterns, and it works with synths and music apps that support MIDI input.

Here are the details:


  • No complicated editing modes.
  • Simply tap anywhere on the grid to create a note.
  • Tap on the existing note to remove it.
  • Press and hold a note for a split second to select it, then drag your finger to adjust the note’s length, position or pitch.
  • Precisely edit a note’s position and length on the timeline by zooming in to its exact location.
  • Velocity Mode: Select a note and drag your finger vertically to adjust its velocity.
  • Adjust vertical and horizontal zooms independently on the grid.
  • Export the MIDI files to other apps such as Dropbox, Cubasis and Mail.
  • Change which app the MIDI Editor controls by selecting a MIDI Output.
  • Background Audio Mode: MIDI clip continues looping in the background while you tweak synth’s parameters.
  • Adjustable Tempo and MIDI Clip length.
  • Supports landscape and portrait modes.

MIDI Editor for iPad is available now in the App Store.

If you’ve used MIDI Editor, let us know what you think of it!

7 thoughts on “MIDI Editor for iPad Released

  1. Cue broken record: I’d be curious to know if it is 4/4 only, or if it support different meters and changes of meter through out the sequence.

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