Using A gTar With Ableton Live

This video takes a quick look at using the gTar guitar MIDI controller with Ableton Live.

Here’s what they have to say about the demo:

We’ve made this video to demo some of the versatility the our Ableton Remote Scripts and the gTar’s ability to track note input.

First, we highlight the different functionality of the gTar when it is paired with Live via these scripts. Then we show you how easy it is to toggle between and play different instruments using only the gTar. Finally, we use one of the patches and some other clips (all of which except for the drums were recorded using the gTar) to create a short improvisational performance.

Check it out and let us know what you think of using a gTar with Live.

via incidenttech

7 thoughts on “Using A gTar With Ableton Live

  1. It looks like the tracking is not that good. My main instrument is guitar but have always been in love with the possibility of using my axe as a controller and midi instrument as well. There are some options out there, but the gtar still seems a flashier but less reliable option compared to a guitar with a midi pickup like the gr-55 from Roland, or even some software that translates sound to midi. I have never really tried any, but would love to see some comments of someone that has. I will add this to my live setup as soon as my wallet allows me too.

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