Steve Reich Swag Giveaway

Classical music publishing company Boosey and Hawkes is holding a contest to “ring in” the November 16 all-Steve Reich concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC).

Steve Reich is a composer in the classical tradition that helped pioneer electroacoustic music, music as a gradual process and musical minimalism.

The first prize winner will receive the Alarm Will Sound (performing in the video, above) recording of Tehillim / The Desert Music, plus a Drumming mug and Music for 18 Musicians t-shirt. The second prize winner will receive a Drumming mug and Music for 18 Musicians t-shirt.

You can find information about the giveaway at the Boosey and Hawkes website.

Artists in Residence Alarm Will Sound perform music of contemporary American composer Steve Reich this Saturday, November 16, 7 pm: Clapping Music; Piano Counterpoint; City Life: Four Genesis Settings; New York Counterpoint; Radio Rewrite (New York Premiere, excerpted in the video, above).

The performance will also be live streamed beginning at 7:00pm by Q2 Music at Additional information about tickets for this weekend’s Steve Reich concert at this link.

2 thoughts on “Steve Reich Swag Giveaway

  1. I enjoyed that video, there were some really nice harmonies in there, and especially a tasteful use of dissonance. there’d be a dissonant chord and it’d hold for a few seconds, just long enough to make you feel uncomfortable and then bam! it resolves into a very pretty chord full of charming suspensions, very good work.

  2. Yeah I loved it! What time signature was that first piece? I can’t figure it out at all? I felt a bit sorry for the page turners of the pianists, but I thought the speaker set up for the electric bass was way cool.

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