Using Ableton Push With Hardware Synths

This set of videos takes a look at using the new Ableton Push MIDI controller with hardware synths.

In the videos, Ableton Product Specialist Jesse Abayomi demonstrates calling up presets, polyphony, after-touch and a some other functions that Push can perform with a variety of synths.

In the second video, Abayomi covers using MIDI CC to control your synth’s parameters.

In the last video, London-based producer Dauwd talks about how he uses Push with vintage analog synths in his studio:

For more info, see the Ableton site.

10 thoughts on “Using Ableton Push With Hardware Synths

  1. I dream of one day being able to do the kind of work described in the first video, but without the computer in between ….Love controllers..Love Hardware…Hate Laptops 🙂

  2. just wish i could use the scale feat. with push in machine standalone without ableton running in the background. is there anyway to make midi mode set with machine software.

  3. I agree with dan, I’d love more hardware controllers that offer scale functions similar to how MANY IOS apps now work, I was supprised that not many have done it yet. (tenori-on , Flame Six in a row and a lot of korg electribe and Kaossilator stuff being the exceptions)…..I’d love a hardware version of Push able to play scales and record midi loops.

  4. You can get a cheap netbook that you set and forget, that acts as software backend/processor/router for controllers. That’s how I do it.

  5. Yeah, I love using hardware synths with live, its great fun but always a bit of a hack. Lack of SYSEX is a serious drawback, and I usually export the midi to record in a DAW with less of a … shall we say ‘creative’ take on midi timing stability.

  6. Shame the best way to do this requires Max4Live. I know there are hacks but I have Live 9 Standard and don’t think I can upgrade to suite just for this. Wonder if this method can also control parameters on iPad synths via Push?

    1. The amount to upgrade to suite is definitely worth it. What Max4Live brings to the table is unbelievable. The quality and quantity of the devices are staggering. You’ll be doing things that you never thought possible with it.

  7. check out NativeKontrol – they have an application called “PXT-General” that allows you to power on push without ableton and access scale modes and custom set encoders cc values – limited but sounds exactly what your looking for. abletonless push.

  8. @OP – you might look into an Elektron Octatrack. It’s got a great sequencer with lots of CC capability, the ability to process external sound through its four inputs, and a number of effects that are both user configurable and sequenceable themselves. It’s also a great sample manipulator. I like it for taking the computer out of the picture.

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