Digital Warrior – An Open-Source Compact MIDI Controller


The Digital Warrior is an open-source compact MIDI controller, with built in step-sequencer and more.

Key Feature:

  • Built in 16 voice 32-step sequencer. 64 uneque patterns permanently stored on the device
  • Traktor Remix decks mapping for on the fly dynamic loops. optimized for ableton live drum racks
  • 4 smooth potentiometers, 16 banked RGB button pads and 2 endless tri-color encoders
  • 164 uniquely mapable elements for total control. customizable MIDI behavior
  • Aluminum enclosure

Here’s a demo of Digital Warrior in action:

The following video is an overview of the Digital Warrior:

The Digital Warrior is available for 160,00 Euro.

via CDM

5 thoughts on “Digital Warrior – An Open-Source Compact MIDI Controller

  1. It looks like a nightmare to operate, I can imagine getting lost within all of the different pages. I like the aesthetics of the thing, but with something so simple-looking I wouldn’t expect it to be so complex

  2. i received the diy kit yesterday (pretty quick delivery:> cyprus-the neverlands) pretty straightforward assembling.

    the manual suggests operating is chaotic, but i got the hang of it after 40 minutes of repeating procedures, some kind of a printable sheet would be handy ! all n all charming & small controller,

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