19 thoughts on “Analog Keys First Impressions – “It’s A Fantastic Instrument!”

  1. Presets and Analog in the same sentence? Where are all the knobs? Its a fantastic instrument until you start programming (is my experience with other elektron products). An analog instrument should not be judged by presets. thats like buying the car because you like the paint without driving it.

  2. As an analog four user, I feel like most people have weird first impressions of elektron gear and what it does. Someone commented something like “just buy a ms20 and some volcas!!!!”, assuming that ANY combination of gear would yield the same experience.

    Elektron boxes are waaay ahead of their time in terms of sequencing and how Elektron believes synths should be played. Parameter locking every synth parameter on a per step basis is kind of like DAW automation on steroids with a much improved workflow. There are no other synthesizers that can do this, save the other elektron boxes (and some others to a lesser degree: the MFB Tanzbar, DSI Tempest, JOMOX stuff, etc…)

    The Analog keys is a must buy for my studio, and we already have an analog four on deck. (along with a Voyager, TI2, Rogue, NL3, Vsynth, MS2000, Radias, z1, XTK, FR XS, a modular, and MUCH more.) THAT is how amazing it is.

  3. Cuckoo didn’t get a bass-line groove happening 🙁
    Too many pops z& squeaks in this sorry.

    I first discovered Cuckoo doing his Clavia Nord Modular stuff.

  4. He says that he is a keyboard guy and then shows no ability to play the keyboard whatsoever. His “I’m so stoned” personae is beyond irritating. Someone said above that he has talent, then perhaps that doesn’t mean what I think it means. I have yet to hear anything from him that shows a glimmer of musical ability.

    Sorry. If he went on one of those talent telly programs they would sling him off the stage so fast his head would swim.

  5. says elektron boxes are “by nerds, for nerds”? as if he is some kind of rock star?

    what a jackass.. i guess that mirror is a bit non-functional

    “by hipsters, for hipsters”™

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