Roland AIRA VT-3 Vocal Processor Demo Video

This video, via sonicstate, captures an overview of the new Roland AIRA VT-3 Voice Transformer at Dancefair 2014. 

With the VT-3 Voice Transformer, you can alter pitch and formant in real time to introduce heavily processed vocal sounds into your music. It also has the power to transform your voice into synthesizers, synth basses, hard-tuned and lo-fi sounds, and more. The VT-3 also offers built-in reverb, smooth wet/dry fader control, and instant bypass.

Pricing and Availability

The Roland AIRA VT-3 will ship before the end of Q2 2014 and will retail for a street price of $199. For additional information, see the Roland website.

28 thoughts on “Roland AIRA VT-3 Vocal Processor Demo Video

  1. I like the look of this although £100-120 is prolly nearer the mark for this machine. Wonder whether it accepts midi in for the vocoder? Annoyed they didn’t demo the Bass or Lead presets although I imagine the vast majority of users won’t use much past the autotune and vocoder.

    If only they’d built a looper into it…

      1. They were obviously thinking about making this easy to use – thus it’s a ‘vocal transformer’, not a vocoder.

        You’ll need to have enough talent to sing on pitch and in time, though.

      2. What a Vocoder with no Carrier In? WTF? What kind of robot is running Roland? Obviously they hate the inaccuracy of Analog circuits and suck the soul and magic out of everything they make.

  2. There is loads on this vocoder to use.
    It has loads of effects and very simple to use. Would be good plugged into a desk to send out vocals from and akai, etc .
    Nice work Roland.

  3. This looks/sounds brilliant to me! I’m a sucker for artificial voices.

    Not sure how PC the Stephen Hawking comment is though?!

  4. This looks very cool to me for the price.

    But is anyone currently making a hardware vocoder that can do VP-330 type polyphonic vocoding? To me, that’s the gold-standard for vocoding.

  5. Whatever about the device … That was a killer presentation. If any of these sell it was because of that presentation – I hope he got well compensated for that.

  6. Of the 4 new boxes this was the one I was most interested in initially. Now that I see it that no carrier input I am much less interested. I am certain that some people will get ahold of these devices, dirt cheap, when they are discontinued and do unexpected things with them. Just like what happened with the original 303, 808, etc.

    I think the color coordinated light show across the product line will have great appeal in some circles. I wonder about the synth and how much Roland thinks they will be able to charge for new VST models that can be loaded in?

  7. I want one of these, but I can’t say the video impressed me too much. I understand that the TR-8 and TB-3 are getting most of the attention and demoing done, but I want to see people using this for something… weird. How will it sound when you send a glitchy breakbeat through it, etc. That sort of stuff.

    Basically, I guess, I want to see/hear people like Richard Devine use this. I know that probably doesn’t apply to the target audience of this product, but still, that’s where I’m at.

  8. I’m not sure about the other 3 Aira boxes, but this one is definitely going to take up permanent residency beside my SH-201.

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