11 thoughts on “Kraftwerk Live In 1970

  1. Holy awesome footage, thank you poster, and filmakers !

    Check out 14.00 — acid invented, 1970.

    Screw this 303+909 thing. I’m getting a Tubon and a live, hairy guy with a drumset. It’s fun to see the heads start bobbing as they hit the magic groove.

  2. Yeah, at around 17 minutes they get a once little groove going. “Rucksuk”.


    Overall the kids in the audience don’t seem to know what the hell to make of it…

  3. And they even had a video projector. I thought that was something that had only become popoluar in the last 15 years or so. I gotta say though, it would have been an interesting time for live music.

  4. Having seen Kraftwerk for the first time back in 1975, I must say Kraftwerk 1 & 2, apart from the 19 or so minute track “KlingKlang”, were really difficult to get into. But having now seen them six times live, I can honestly say these early recordings are still really hard to get into! But because of that, both recordings are actually quite brilliant in many ways. So ahead of their time. And no synthesizers too. And then there was the late genius Conny Plank, who to be honest was the real brains behind early Kraftwerk including their groundbreaking LP, Autobahn, IMHO.

    1. Agree. Schneider/Hütter had the vision and the musical ideas. But without Conny Plank defining that sound, they would have never gone anywhere with anything.

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