Acoustic Treatment For Home Studios

Mastering engineering Ian Shepherd takes a look at studio acoustic treatment in the latest of his video series on Building a Home Mastering Studio.

While Shepherd’s goal is to be able to do useful mastering tasks in his home studio, much of the information will be useful to anyone planning a home studio. 

This is part 3 of his series. Earlier videos in the series are embedded below.

Part 1 – Planning a Home Studio

Part 2 – Home Studio Construction

2 thoughts on “Acoustic Treatment For Home Studios

  1. Part 3 was quite useful. The logic behind the strategy was made quite clear. It was cool to see the ceiling & rear standing pads appear.

    I ordered panels from GIK years ago, and they worked well.

    Ok, now cue jokes about the absorptive qualities of the free-standing woman in the model.

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