New App, Fiddlewax Yellow, Combines Vocal Harmony Generator, Effects Processor & Looper

fiddlewaxFiddlewax Yellow is new app that combines a live vocal harmony generator, effects processor, and looper into one.

Here’s what the developers have to say about Fiddlewax Yellow:

Every aspect of Fiddlewax puts music first. The simple interface helps musicians focus on what they’re creating; there are no ads, faux-wood textures, or frivolous interaction to distract from the creative process.

Fiddlewax takes the best of both physical and virtual instruments to create something totally new. Full 10-finger multitouch support and maximum playing area provide for seamless digital interaction, while under the hood, samples are processed and routed as analog signals with variable frequency and timing.


  • Realtime 3-part vocal harmony using a fast, polyphonic, pitch-shifting and audio analysis pipeline. Sing and synthesize new sounds and audio textures on the fly.
  • Built-in effects to add chorus, distortion, reverb, low-pass, and high-pass filters.
  • Synchronized, auto-expanding looper to layer up to 6 audio tracks at once. Easily start/stop any track and clear tracks individually when you want to overwrite/undo.
  • Integrated recording function to save and share songs. Send to other installed apps, attach to email, or download later from iTunes when you sync your device.
  • Headphone-aware control logic reduces the chance of squeaky feedback while you record.

Fiddlewax Yellow is available in the App Store.

If you’ve tried Fiddlewax Yellow, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

7 thoughts on “New App, Fiddlewax Yellow, Combines Vocal Harmony Generator, Effects Processor & Looper

  1. hey thanks for letting us know about this synthopia and dubspot. it’s very simple but i made a quick beat and it was very fun and simple to express yourself. free for this week too thanks stub! 🙂

  2. Talk about easy to learn. It’s a simple, clever interface. Perfect for young kids. I wish the effects were a little more high-roller. But otherwise, it is a nice little package.

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