iMaschine Update Adds Sampling From iTunes, Sample Editing & More

imaschine-ipadNative Instruments has released an update to iMaschine, its iOS mobile ‘groove production’ app.

The update adds iPad optimization, sampling from iTunes, sample editing features and more. The updates add up to a much more powerful iMaschine, moving it further into music production center territory.

iMaschine is designed to let you create “music sketches” with an iPad or iPhone. The update features a new user interface and an optimized layout for iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini.

On the iPad, the modified iMaschine interface allows two-handed operation. Editing and performing functions are now on the same window as the application’s 16 drum pads, 2-octave keyboard and the audio recorder, smoothing its workflow.

The update also includes an addition to the standard library, the “Quantum Collection”, an iMaschine expansion featuring a choice selection of sounds from the recently released Maschine 2 Library. iTunes sampling allows users to capture parts from the music on their iOS device and edit the samples’ start and end points.

The update also brings easier writing and performing, with a number of workflow enhancements.

X/Y performance controls are a new way to perform effects. A swipe redo/undo function contributes to a faster workflow. Lastly, listening to requests from the iMaschine community, this iMaschine update adds a metronome on/off switch.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

  • iPad optimization for two handed-workflow
  • Sampling from iTunes
  • Free ‘Quantum Collection’ sound pack
  • XY performance controls on mixer page
  • Swipe gestures for redo and undo
  • GUI facelift
  • Enhanced sample editing functionality, start and end point now adjustable
  • iPhone 5 screen support
  • Metronome on/off switch

Here’s a live performance demo, by producer Jamie Lidell and the Q-Kidz dance troupe, featuring the updated iMaschine:

The second video takes a look at beatmaking and workflows with iMaschine:

Pricing and Availability

Current owners of iMaschine can receive the update free. New customers can get iMaschine for $4.99 / 4,49 Euro / £2.99 / ¥500 in the App Store.

18 thoughts on “iMaschine Update Adds Sampling From iTunes, Sample Editing & More

  1. I love this. Never a super powerful app but definitely a cool little sketch pad. Super fast and now it looks like the workflow has been improved even further 🙂

  2. OMFG. Finally! Running smooth and native on the iPad now!
    I know others will criticize it for not having IAA or Audiobus, but I don’t think it was ever meant to be used like that. Same thing applies to KORG Gadget.

    (one totally random feature I am happy to see. “Restore all purchases”. I spent probably 45 minutes entering my apple password over and over again the other day after I rebuilt my iphone. Also, it tells you which ones you own so you don’t have to gamble on it charging you when you install one)

    1. The point we are at with ipad music apps now in terms of power and flexibility, there is no real excuse for not having Audiobus or inter app audio regardless of how they are meant to be used. They are serious features for serious apps.

      1. Fair enough. You’ve made a good point.
        On the other hand when you’ve waited 2 years between updates, even the slightest update feels like a godsend.
        (or to put it in a more crass way, a warm glass of piss to someone dying of thirst really hits the spot! 😉

        1. Except we’re not thirsty for audio apps on iOS. They really dropped the ball on this app. They continued to release audio packs without putting any dev work into improving the app, or at least the basics of keeping up with the new hardware.

          And coming as a full time iOS dev, adding audio bus or interapp audio shouldn’t have taken more than a few days of dev and testing.

          1. A real dev would understand the complexities of development, especially when we’re talking about a company with many other hardware and software products.

    2. Releasing app without IAA and AudioBus support these days is just plain wrong. Did I mention missing MIDI as well..?
      Btw; KORG Gadget does support AudioBus 😉
      As Lazer said in the post below, too little too late, I’m afraid.

      1. Crap. Yeah, I forgot that the last Gadget update added them…

        I suppose it depends on how you work as to how important they are. (IAA, AudioBus, AudioCopy, MIDI, WIST, etc) That said, options are nice to have, and really there isn’t any excuse not to give your customers the choice to use them.

  3. talk about to little too late. so many features frivolously left out.
    looks like the impc pro will be the first time akai is ahead of the curve.

  4. This looks like they’re responding to Akai’s iMPC Pro announcement.

    Hopefully, the competition will lead to one of them releasing a full-fledged MPC app that works well with other iPad apps.

  5. Being a Maschine 2 user, I can appreciate this being a sketch app. The main wish I have for this app in the immediate future is to include Dropbox support.

  6. This promo felt like a significant mis-step: I respect J Lidell greatly and the girls were charming but please NI: we Really want better access on all fronts Import / Export — if you released a video announcing Audiobus, IAA and Dropbox support the masses would cheer and iMaschine sales would spike gloriously hard.

  7. Native Instruments, please make a proper companion app for Maschine! A tablet app with which you could have a quick instrument and sample selection (more visual way than with hardware). Drawing envelopes or automation curves etc. The same app could work without maschine sw/hw connection as a standalone sketchpad as iMaschine now.

  8. very happy to see a update … and i think its cool but we want audiobus , clipboard audio copy/paste , midi ,

  9. PLEASE DEAR NATIVE INSTRUMENTS ADD MIDI SYNC :/ I wait now nearly two years for this simple update…. you guys have one of the biggest music companys out there please let us feel that!

  10. It’s exactly what people want and need that ni have no intentions of providing. Look at the request for traktor dj on up to the flagship maschine that they sell. All of it very common sense request that are falling on deaf ears. The way they treat the needs of their consumer base is truly striking.

  11. I can seem to download the free pack I keep getting a error message when I put my email in I really want this pack can anyone help me or tell me if its a update problem or my iPad

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