sonicLab Intros Cosmosƒ FX ‘Live Input Stochastic Processor’


sonicLAB has introduced Cosmosƒ Fx for Mac & Windows, described as a ‘live input stochastic processor’.

It’s based on the engine of sonicLab’s vSaturn, but is designed for audio processing. 

Here’s a demo of Cosmosƒ FX in action:


  • Three different live input handling methods for the micro events
  • The direct input mode delivers the live input directly to the micro events being sampled and manipulated synchronously.
  • The circular buffer sampling mode records the live input into a circular buffer and each micro event can access to this buffer with different sample lengths set individually.
  • The additive synthesis sampling mode offers the data in the circular buffer to each of the 12partials of the Cosmosƒ additive synthesis engine. Their pitch and amplitude balance can bet individually to build fascinating clusters with the live input audio stream.

Cosmosƒ Fx is bundled with vSaturn synthesizer, which is priced at US $230. See the sonicLab site for details.

13 thoughts on “sonicLab Intros Cosmosƒ FX ‘Live Input Stochastic Processor’

  1. They’ve got to be kidding with that price. It’s a cool effect, but not all that useful for most applications. You can buy a whole damn DAW for that price. Glitchmachines Quadrant is only 49 bucks and seems way more bad ass for this type of thing.

  2. There are a number of Rektor ensembles who can do the same since 10 years or so. “Circular buffer” excuse me? How else do you process real-time audio.

    1. What are you talking about? I’ve been using Cosmosf since v1 and I have had nothing but good experiences with him.

      1. Charging for updates that were promised to be free, ignoring emails, and completely disappearing for months at a time among other issues.

        1. He never made any promises to me about free updates, although all updates have been free or for a nominal price. I have communicated with him a number of times by email and he has always replied promptly and helpfully. Maybe I just got lucky, but I can’t see any reason to think that your experience is representative.

  3. Seems waaaaaaay more complex than it needs to be, and didn’t sound very interesting at all. Sorry. And yeah, that price is fucking stupid.

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