Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S, The ‘Successor To The Classic Kaoss Pad’


Korg today introduced the more powerful Mini Kaoss Pad 2s (MiniKP2S), the successor of the classic Kaoss Pad.

According to Korg, the all-in-one design makes it a great entry-level DJ performance tool.

Here’s a video intro:

The Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S

korg-mini-kaoss-pad-2sLike its predecessor, the MiniKP2S offers an assortment of effects, controllable via its X/Y touchpad, as well as an MP3 playback via its MicroSD slot. External or onboard audio can be altered with effects the user controls and manipulates in real-time.

The new MiniKP2S comes supplied with onboard sampling, allowing the user to capture audio from external sources, as well via the 1/8” stereo input or via the onboard microphone. Audio can also be modified on input and captured with the applied effects.

In addition, samples and audio that have been treated with the onboard effects can be exported to Ableton Live for integration into computer-based productions, making the MiniKP2S a great capture and remix tool

The MiniKP2S runs on two AA batteries, for up-to six hours of continuous sampling, effect processing, and audio playback.

Here’s a playlist of official audio demos:

Pricing and availability are to be announced. See the Korg site for more info.

Update from Korg, 9/04/14: The MiniKP2S will be here at the end of September at $200 (US) MSRP.

11 thoughts on “Korg Mini Kaoss Pad 2S, The ‘Successor To The Classic Kaoss Pad’

    1. They do and they don’t. This thing is a pleasant surprise that I will gladly purchase and carry on the regular.

      So why did they not choose to incorporate the sampling capabilities of the MiniKPS2 with the Volca Sampler instead of or in addition to the iPhone/iPad? It’s the lack of integration with their own equipment that makes this batch of Korg products atypically disappointing, Lazer.

      This is all I was trying to say in previous posts. Look at each of them reductively and you will find some gaps in design which could have easily been considered without altering price points too drastically.

      1. I love the fact that your post already has one down vote. What is wrong here folks?

        This is a valid point. This little Device should integrate perfectly with the new volca. Why wouldn’t it?

        Down vote at will.

        1. I dunno, there are different people working in different lines at korg. Trying to connect everything to everything is going to up the cost of the low end products.

          Personally I don’t see the excitement about this device, it doesn’t seem markedly better than the previous generation.

          1. My point exactly… the design efforts seemed a bit more unified in the past. I have always gotten excited by Korg’s direction and products, that is why I am confounded by these in particular.

            1. Oh, and my excitement is based only on my preference to carry a tiny piece of dedicated gear around for random sampling and experimentation with effects vs. iPhone.

            2. this kaoss pad is so far just a re-issue of the last edition of it, which was a mini sampler and fx unit, same body same features so far. so its more just a reissue than a new idea or representation of the state of their ideas at this time.

  1. Hi, just bought KP2S and tried use it as fx unit with electric guitar, the problem is that guitar sound is too low. Any suggestion about how to make guitar volume strong enough? Thanks very much

    1. I’m considering buying this for the same reason, so does anyone have ideas on how to solve the problem? perhaps an eq/booster pedal in the chain would do it…

      1. You need a guitar DI pedal first, for “direct input”, so the guitar’s weak signal is re-output to “line” level. You can connect any DI pedal direct to the Kaoss Pad with a 1/4″ to 1/8″ cable and then you’re set.

  2. I want to use this to play my live backtrack sets but I’m worried that the sound quality will be low.
    Can anyone recommend this?
    My computer has to be used for live video projections now, otherwise I wouldn’t bother.

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