Live Adult Music – Heartbreak

Sunday Synth Jam: Adult performs Heartbreak, from their album The Way Things Fall, live in the Moog Sound Lab.

Technical details:

  • Adam Lee Miller commands a trio of analog synthesizers including a Sub 37, Little Phatty and Voyager XL
  • Vocalist Nicola Kuperus processes her voice through a Moog MF-108M Clusterflux Chorus/Flanger.

via Moogfest

11 thoughts on “Live Adult Music – Heartbreak

  1. Got to talk to Nicola and Adam at Moogfest this year. Truly, some approachable musicians who LOVE to talk about music. It’s always great to see and hear them!

  2. They are truly fantastic. They are always good live. Never been disappointed (even at one show when our car was broken into and a bunch of cool shit stolen out of it back in 05′).
    What a kick ass version.

    1. I agree, Adult are dwanky. This was torture to listen too, and even more uncomfortable to watch. Really, it seems to me that they are taking the piss. Like it’s a joke (ala: Die Antwoord)

      Clearly, “Adult” are not counting on looks or talent to achieve success.

      1. Adam is a genius… let’s check “Le car”, it was the band before Adult.
        Adam got a true felling with pop melodies.
        Sadly nicolas enthousiam is …boring ….
        indeed they are very very friendly 🙂

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