Iron Curtain Electronics System, A Modular Polivoks, Now Available


The Harvestman has announced that the a limited number of the Iron Curtain Electronics System – a modular instrument based on the Polivoks synthesizer – are now available.

The Iron Curtain Electronics system was created in cooperation with the Polivoks instrument designer Vladimir Kuzmin.

The Polivoks is a vintage voltage-controlled synthesizer from the Soviet Union, first manufactured in a military radio factory in 1982 from a special selection of components. It later became notorious in the West for its aggressive sonic character.

All modules and system components in the Iron Curtain Electronics System are compliant with the Eurorack format.

The Polivoks modular voice contains temperature-stabilized sawtooth-core VCOs, VCAs, and ADSR envelopes (two each), combined with a noise source, sample-and-hold, LFO, the famous 2-pole filter, and the suboctave circuit from the LIDER guitar effects processor. To preserve the character of the circuits, NOS electronic components from the USSR were used where appropriate.

The Harvestman has added specialized mixer, multiple, and slew limiter modules for patching these circuits into this new modular environment. The Iron Curtain modules have a redesigned user interface towards this goal, with extended controls not available on the original keyboard instrument, such as individually patchable outputs, advanced envelope controls, and a plethora of attenuverted control voltage inputs.

Packaged in a portable desktop cabinet by Monorocket, the modules sit at an angle to the performer, with a large flat area on the top of the case for additional modular cabinets or other electronic instruments to be stacked above.

More Iron Curtain Electronics modules are planned for 2015, continuing the work of Vladimir Kuzmin with selections from his instrument design portfolio.


  • 2x HMR1983 Polivoks Oscillator
  • 1x HMR1982 Polivoks Filter
  • 2x HMR1985 Polivoks Envelope/VCA
  • 1x HMR1987 Polivoks Modulator
  • 1x HMR1984 Lider Suboctave
  • 1x Multiple Miggs
  • assorted blank panels
  • Quickstart manual pages/faceplate translations
  • Colored patch cables, 3 different lengths (23 cables total)
    utterly delightful embroidered Harvestman insignia badge
  • Case: Monorocket desktop case, black tolex. 104HP, lid included
  • Power supply: Makenoise MINI-PWR (AC adaptor works worldwide.)
  • Room for expansion: 27HP, +750mA +12V, -250mA -12V

NOTE: These first systems do not include the pictured KING SLENDER mixer/slew module, available in January 2015 with improved performance. The price has been adjusted accordingly, and early adopters may add this module later at a discounted price.

The Iron Curtain Electronics System is priced at $2000 USD (plus shipping). Send an email to sales (at) to organize a purchase, please include “IRON CURTAIN” in the subject field.

7 thoughts on “Iron Curtain Electronics System, A Modular Polivoks, Now Available

  1. Just saw this listed on their site yesterday–didn’t realize the system was this new! $2k is a lot of money, but for a complete 2 oscillator voice, with case, power, and cables, it’s really not so expensive. The Harvestman can always be counted on to knock it out of the park, and it sure looks like that’s what they’ve done here. I don’t actually need it, as such, but will have to keep a close watch on my credit card to make sure it doesn’t do something foolish.

    Hell of a system, the Polivoks filter is unique and the Soviet lineage is undeniably cool.

  2. You can buy a lot of Polivokses and Liders for that money. In Russia at least. But glad to see Kuzmin’s work is being used again. He made some great synths.

  3. Beautiful case design. I understand you can get the genuine article for a similar price, but obviously the patching options on modular put this into a whole new sonic sphere.

  4. Oooooh yes please!! Played with a couple of their modules and thoroughly enjoyed them!

    This really does look fantastic, would love to hear it!! Any audio links??

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