KORG Gadget for iPad’s Newly Added Features

Korg recently announced a variety of new features for Gadget for iPad.

This video demonstrates some of the new features from the latest Gadget update, listed below:

  • Landscape mode – See more tracks at once in landscape mode, or more clips in portrait mode. The choice is yours.
  • Enhanced MIDI support – All gadget parameters can now be freely controlled via MIDI. Also supported is MIDI sync, allowing synchronized performance with your DAW or other MIDI devices. Gadget can be freely controlled from any MIDI controller that can be connected to the iPad,
  • Ableton Live integration – KORG has collaborated with Ableton to offer a new music production workflow that lets you move seamlessly from mobile to desktop. KORG Gadget can export your project in an Ableton Live format, via iTunes or Dropbox. The phrases of each track and scene you create are internally converted into audio files. You can then use Live’s Session and Arrangement workflows to edit and and refine your ideas, perform or record new parts, arrange your ideas, and mix your song.
  • Enhanced audio export – In addition to the existing two-channel stereo file export capability, you can export audio data for individual tracks. This allows your ideas to be transferred via iTunes file sharing or Dropbox into your DAW, not only into Live but also into GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, or Digital Performer.
  • Native 64-bit support – Santa Clara newly provides native 64-bit support. If you have the latest iPad and iOS, the full potential of your device will be utilized to deliver the best possible performance. Additionally, the KORG Gadget synthesizer engine has been completely optimized in assembler, to provide improved performance.
  • The two new devices, , Bilbao and Abu Dhabi, are available as In-App Purchases.

Gadget is available in the App Store for US $38.99. Some additional features are available as in-app purchases

If you’ve used Gadget, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

12 thoughts on “KORG Gadget for iPad’s Newly Added Features

    1. I can’t get the midi sync working properly, it may be on my end or maybe they mean sync start is supported – beacause my external sequencer will indeed start the gadget sequence. However, the gadget sequence doesn’t seem to give a damn about the hardware sequencer’s midi clock, and plays off time. Does the gadget app listen to midi clock signal from external devices? Who knows, because unlike the good old days when you could simply refer to the manual’s midi implementation chart, a lot of companies don’t provide that vital information anymore. Please, if making any audio platform that involves midi – hardware or software- provide midi implementation charts so we can stop guessing and searching the internet wasting valuable time. If I can get gadget synced to my hardware setup, the floor will be getting real wet in a hurry.

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