Korg DSN-12 Software For Nintendo DS Now Available In US


Korg DSN-12 – an ‘analog-style’ synth app for the Nintendo 3DS – is now available for US $37 in the Nintendo store.

Korg DSN-12 provides twelve monophonic synthesizers, based on the Korg MS-10 analog synthesizer. Each can have three effects, letting you create a broad range of sounds

You can assemble sequences into patterns, and save up to 64 patterns for use. Songs can be created by freely connecting patterns together.

DSN-12 also includes what they are calling the world’s first 3D oscilloscope (Wave and Lissajous modes are provided.)

Here’s a video intro:

Korg DSN-12 available now, priced at US $37.

If you’ve used DSN-12, let us know what you think of it!

9 thoughts on “Korg DSN-12 Software For Nintendo DS Now Available In US

    1. After messing with it a couple of hours I think the 12 mono synth parts makes more sense than the drum/synth part approach of DS-10 plus. They loaded the demo files with great examples to get you started/learn on what makes the various drum and synth soundid. It’s also much easier to navigate. Need to dig more into the doc and learn the hardware buttons but so far pretty stellar stuff. Sounds great and a lot of fun. Thanks Detune!

  1. The KORG synths on Nintendo DS are actually pretty amazing.

    For one, they are very portable (pocket sized) and affordable. Much more so than say an OP-1 (less powerful of course, but still very entertaining and useful).

  2. Just bought it. Seems like a nice update from Korg DS-10 with WAY LESS limitations.

    The OSC seemed like a gimmick at first but it can be useful to see your sound esp. if you are just learning (like me!).

    One thing I really miss is the ability to change screens (make top/botom and vice versa).

    One more thing. It doesn’t seem as easy as Korg DS-10 but it may be because I’m just getting started.

  3. They would sell more units if this were ported for iPhone. But at the same time it’s great korg are doing things for Nintendo heads

    1. They might, but the sequencer wouldn’t work on capacitive screen as brilliantly as it is now, and the whole synth is built around the sequencer. It might perhaps be playable on iPad, but on smaller screen it would need some reworking to work passably.

      I would much rather see them to use their resources on another 3DS synth and if possible WIST, or even try what they could achieve with the Wii U’s touchscreen.

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