Rodi Kirk’s Underwater (Ableton Live, Push, Space Echo, Juno 106)

New Zealand producer Rodi Kirk performs of his tune Underwater at the Humboldthain club in Berlin using Push, Space Echo and Juno 106.

The second video, below, is a walkthrough of Rodi’s performance technique, using external synths and complex effect chains to recreate the sound of his studio work in a live setting with Push.

Kirk also demonstrates his use of time signature to transform the feel of a track. Rodi explains how he adapted a full band recording for a solo performance with Push, and how to inject vintage hardware flavor into a track with external effects and instruments. Rodi also gives a crash-course in how to construct a natural-sounding, playable lead guitar sound for Push.

4 thoughts on “Rodi Kirk’s Underwater (Ableton Live, Push, Space Echo, Juno 106)

  1. Ehh, I hear something like this and wish there was an actual guitar player…playing. He does do an ok job on the push though. It’s just that I’d rather hear something interesting being done that plays to the strengths of the Push rather than having it fill in as a basic guitar part.

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