Sounds Of The Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizer


Reader Don Solaris has been exploring the sounds of the Waldorf Streichfett – a new synth, inspired by the classic string synthesizers of the 70s and early 80s.

His demo video features a variety of Streichfett sounds:

“i was immediately pulled away by the smooth and hypnotic sound of this unit. That moment you touch the animate knob, it’s over,’ says Solaris in his write-up on the Streichfett. “No more playing by you, just push the hold pedal with your foot and enjoy the ride.”

The Streichfett has a street price of about $370. See the Waldorf site for more info.

23 thoughts on “Sounds Of The Waldorf Streichfett String Synthesizer

  1. I think I can now leave the big poly synths at home. It took awhile, but portable, high quality digital emulation of the classic polysynth has finally arrived. Still love the unpredictable nature of the old ones, but not the maintanance involved just to stay in tune. This will be my next acquisition.

  2. I have one! And while I do like the sound a lot, it won’t replace my juno 60 and verb pedals for pads. One huge drawback, it’s USB powered and it’s actually a bit noisy. Noise floor aside it sounds great, and if u don’t have any analog poly synths it’s sort of a no brainer for the price c

      1. it literally has the big square usb to the regular one and it plugs in to a power converter. or the cpu powers it. i find it a bit quieter when u power from a conditioned strip/

    1. I was thinking more for live sets, though if it were in the studio I wouldn’t exactly ignore it. I’m still searching for a USB power supply for my original meeblip that doesn’t introduce noise, as I prefer to not use a laptop on stage. Not all USB chargers are the same. A regulated strip- do they make them with USB ports?

  3. Just got mine two weeks ago. I’m nothing less than awed by this system. Use a hold pedal when using it….this system creates a wonderful world of sonic beauty. Listen to how Klaus Shultze used string machines on Stardancer /Body Love album.


  4. Waldorf should pay this guy because this is the first demo I heard of this synth that made me want to get one. He makes it sound like how I expected it would sound, and better.

    Great demo!

  5. Bought one a couple of weeks ago. They are gorgeous sounding and a complete doddle to use. My old ’70s ARP Omni is going to go up for sale.

  6. I just got mine the other day. While I won’t be selling my Logan string melody, this little box offers so much more, really lush texture and so much easier to gig with.

  7. hooollly shit. What a demostration man… hooolly crap man . All demos should be like this video!! what a demostration !

  8. I had always wondered how all those old 70s synth pad sounds were made and this Streichfett sent me down the path of the Solina, which finally answered my question. Then I followed my usual flow chart: Do I have the money for this? -> Nope -> Can my Nord Modular G2 do this? -> Yup! Problem solved. So thanks to Waldorf for filling in a missing piece of my electronic music history knowledge 😀

  9. Hah, I always pictured Don as an old geezer when I saw his posts on forums. Interesting to see he’s actually a young guy 🙂

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