Loopy Masterpiece Edition – An App ‘You Could Base A Career On’

Developer Michael Tyson, creator of A Tasty Pixel’s Loopy and one of the guys behind AudioBus, has announced plans for a new ‘amazing’ version of Loopy. 

In the video above, Tyson announces Loopy: Masterpiece Edition – a completely new version that he says will work, not just for acoustic loopers, but DJs and electronic musicians; and a looper that will be useful for all stages of the creative process.

Tyson is planning to incorporate as much user input as possible in the development of Loopy: Masterpiece Edition, and has set up a blog to track its development. He wants to make the new version an app that will ‘change the platform’ – so let him know what features it needs to have in order to do that.

If you’ve got ideas for the development of Loopy: Masterpiece Edition, let Tyson know via his development blog.

16 thoughts on “Loopy Masterpiece Edition – An App ‘You Could Base A Career On’

  1. “You could base a career on.”
    We’ll let Reggie Watts decide on that. 😉
    Seriously, this sounds exciting,especially regarding input considerations.

  2. Huge props to him for not doing a kickstarter! It seems that there is a propensity lately to ask for all the funding up front, and never take a risk and go out on a limb on your own dime…. but sometimes that’s how the best products are born.

    I’m real excited about this update, and am 99% sure that I will buy it the day it comes out.

  3. Loopy HD is one of my favourite iOS apps, so will be following this with great interest.

    Best wishes – hope it all goes well!! 🙂

    p.s. not so sure about him going out on a limb, I doubt he’s in much need of cash right now and well, after the success of Loopy and that (comparatively) huge user base I doubt there will be any sales problems unless it’s a total train wreck – but how likely is that? 😉

  4. …something that matters…it’s gonna be really special..it’s gonna be great…. that’s why i am using an amateur camera on auto iris and keep talking as unspecifically as i can. thanks, man. nice leaves, though.

  5. In my opinion far too many careers are already based on loops. This accounts for some of flaccid and uninspired music that dominates the radio these days. (Shakes cane at neighbor kids, issues warning to stay out of apple tree)

    1. Looping can be a solution in recording for performers who aren’t working with an engineer. The looping can control the recording process while the performer hones their performance, jams with them self until they get the best ideas down, looping gets the software out of the way of the performance. It doesn’t mean the whole song is a loop.

  6. Yeah, I guess there are loads of iOS users having careers from the game right? Well, show me them and tell me who exactly is gonna make a career out of any app despite how great?

    Loopy masterpiece may end up being a great app, but to say it will make a basis for a career is kind of dissing already existing apps that could actually make careers if used right and pushed by the right people:p

  7. I wish Michael well,he has been extremely innovative and forward thinking all the haters shove it Up your cynical holes

  8. Ability to use a voice sample and then whatever we speak should render as per the voice sample. For instance, I should be able to take a voice sample audio of a celebrity and then whatever I speak should sound like the celebrity. That would be a KILLER feature!

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