R. A. Moog 907 Fixed Filter Bank Demo

This video, via CZRider01, captures a demo of the classic R. A. Moog 907 Fixed Filter Bank

The Moog 907 Fixed Filter Bank has just one two jacks, audio in and audio out, but offers 10 filters that can be used to shape timbre. The 10 filters are configured as a low-pass, 8 band pass filters and then a high-pass filter.

In the video demo, a static sequence is modified using the various filters within the 907 Fixed Filter Bank.

7 thoughts on “R. A. Moog 907 Fixed Filter Bank Demo

    1. From the Doepfer A128 manual :
      “This is similar to an equalizer, except that an equalizer can also boost frequency bands, while the fixed filter bank only attenuates them.”

    1. Mahhhk

      It’s a technical demo, so you missed the point – which is to demonstrate the range of filtering options that this offers. If you’re not interested in that, there’s nothing here for you.

  1. I remember reading an interview with Bob Moog years ago where he stated his regret in not having enough room on the Minimoog to include a fixed filter bank. But his original plan was to include one. You can certainly see and hear why it would have been a great addition. Sadly it was never to be.

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