Sparkle Spectral Manipulation App (Sneak Preview)

Here are a couple of video demos of Sparkle – an upcoming audio effects app for iPad from apeSoft (Alessandro Petrolati). 

apeSoft is the developer behind apeFilter, GliderVerb and iVCS3.

Sparkle is described as a Spectral Manipulation, Cross Synthesis, phase-sync transformation audio app for iPad.

Pricing and availability details are to come, but they say it is ‘coming soon’.

demos via redskylullabyAlessandro Petrolati

8 thoughts on “Sparkle Spectral Manipulation App (Sneak Preview)

  1. this makes me think of the jomox sunsyn rcos in a way, using an audio sample as an fm source, this goes much further in other directions though, would love a vst like sparkle

  2. What a great sounding app. The spectral manipulation very much sounds like the ‘Transform Multiplication’ function found in old EMU E4-type samplers. This function really is to be welcomed, as for the moment, most, if not all vocoder-type apps on iOS only allow the modulation signal to come from a basic built-in synth or keyboard, which is pretty tedious.

  3. Having said that, and after listening to the second video, I would imagine Beethoven would be turning in his grave?!!!!! lol!

  4. Getting close to the point where the path to really interesting new sound applications starts with iOS rather than PC or OSX. I would love this as a vst but I already (soon) will have it for a fraction of the cost on iPad. I love apesoft stuff as much as behringer labs, technical leaders, both.

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