45 thoughts on “Open Mic: Did ‘Synther Claus’ Pay You A Visit?

  1. Family got me some great older TD albums that have been rereleased and I treated myself to a fantastic Synthesis Technology module. Everything they make is pricey, but fantastic, so it is a special treat!

    I hope the holidays are good to everybody and also to Synthtopia!

    Looking forward to some crazy synth announcements at NAMM!

  2. Last year, an old friend gave me a CME XKey as a shot-in-the-dark and its been a real prize. I never would have bought it without playing it first, but having it dropped on me from the clear blue became a real winner. Its a modest bit of kit, but its proven to be satisfying to play. Doubleplusgood on anyone who offers a musical friend even a swing-&-a-miss gift like that. Merry Krampus! 😀

    1. Ya, synth stuff IS expensive, but its also super-esoteric. Its almost a dirty little secret. If you are a physical chemist, there are only a few people with whom you can REALLY discuss the building of new polymer chains readily. Synth gear is the same way. You’re lucky if someone lands you an actual keyboard, never mind some weird EH pedal or a set of sounds for Massive you must download at home. Therefore, give ’em added points if they even TRY!

  3. I was my own secret santa this year… took advantage of some holiday deals floating about and bought a crapload of vst synths and effects. Always nice to freshen up the ol’ vst folder with some new friends 🙂

  4. No synths but I did get a whack-load of Lego. Which is almost as good.

    Oh, and it looks like the second run of TTSH boards are gonna be out just in time for my birthday 🙂

  5. Took advantage of a local gear shop sale at the beginning of December, got myself an early Yule present in the form of a Bose L1 compact for a studio monitor.

  6. Not a synth, but I found a notepad mixer & a microphone under the tree, which was a nice supprise.
    By the way, Merry christmas, everyone!

  7. ..A theremin! I was baffled. They must’ve thought ‘Hmm, electric, weird, Moog – he’ll love it!” In truth, there may not be a more disliked electronic instrument, at least in my book! I’m gonna try running it through a few effects first before deciding what to do with it 🙂

      1. Definitely not alone, I lost my job this year as well. Hang in there, things like this can open doors to previously unseen opportunities.

  8. I went crazy and bought myself Iris 2 from iZotope. The possibilities of this program are stunning. Not usually one from the software as many of you know. After messing with the demo version is was a must have.

    1. Aww, you should have kept entering SonicState’s SonicTalk contest. You might have won a copy of Iris 2 by the time keyboards are replaced by holopads.

  9. No synth toys per se, but I did get what I asked Santa for:
    A Hero GoPro camera. Now I can do the up close synth videos in good detail that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time.
    That and some work Xmas $$ = the 7×7 upgrade for my Roland TR-8
    So overall
    It was a good haul this year. 🙂

  10. My wife gifted me the Korg Gadget and Module apps. Setting it up right now! I dig the fact that the electric piano is called “Montréall” (my hometown) inside Gadget!

  11. Bought two Novation ZeRO SL and in waiting list to receive a Sequentix Cirklon in febrary. In 2015 i’ll return to my rutts of jamming with only hardware synths.

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