5U Modular Soundscape

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via David Ryle (aka Kindred Lost), captures a large-format modular synthesizer soundscape.

Here’s what Ryle has to say about the technical details:

Experiment with the Synthetic Sound Labs first generation #1020 Steiner Filter (thanks to Ron Sunsinger)

The patch for the Steiner was the sequenced voice and went as follows…

-Four Q106 VCO’s as such…
Sine wave 16′ to an LFO driven VCA then on to the All Input of the 1020.
PWM 8′ to Q107 LPF to drop off some of the upper frequencies, then to an Oakley Equinox phase shifter and on to the Band Pass input of the 1020.
Triangle 4′ to a Behringer DD400 delay and on to the Low Pass input of the 1020.
Sinewave 2′ to an SSL 1310 Digital Delay and on to the High Pass input of the 1020.
Control Voltage input to the 1020 center frequency was from a very slow looping A/R on the Intellijel Quadra.

Other voices for background…

Noise voice was the sequence driven (STG VMS) voltage controlled AM Radio module and pink noise through a CGS Real Ring Modulator and Encore frequency shifter on to a MOTM 440 and Grove Audio PM Resonator.

Slow moving reverb-ish chords are a pair of Q960’s out of sync to Q106’s and a Q150 LPF on to a Strymon Blue Sky reverb.

Vocal formant is a sequenced (STG VMS) Ian Fritz/SSL Double Dekka Ultrasonic VCO to a Grendel Formant Filter and on through a Music Thing Spring Reverb and on to an Intellijel Azimuth panner.

Fast fluttering satellite sounds are a pair of Q106’s and an Oakley Diode Super Ladder in self oscillation mode. They are sequenced from a pair of Pressure Points. Each of the VCO’s are sent to Modcan 73B delay and another Benringer DD400 delay before mix, EG and final filtering with an Oakley SVF.

The three background voices are automated with voltage control from channels of the Quadra and a Turing Machine affecting the clock divisions of a 4MS Quad Clock Divider.

Another voice amplitude modulation was the noise voice being introduced with a gate from the Yusynth Random Gates module paired with an EG and LFO driven VCA.

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