Redmatica AutoSampler Returns As Part Of Apple’s $30 MainStage


In 2012, Apple bought Italian sample management software Redmatica, maker of sample management tools, leaving fans of the tools wondering if they would return.

Now, CDM reports that Redmatica’s AutoSampler has returned – as a MainStage plug-in, Auto Sampler. I

It’s part of Apple’s MainStage 3.1, which is tool designed to let you use Mac virtual instruments in live performance. The app has been used by Nine Inch Nails to power their live show. 

Here’s a summary of the new features in version 3.1, which includes some other interesting updates:

  • Redesigned Compressor plug-in with scalable, Retina-ready interface and a new compressor model.
  • Retro Synth can now create wavetables from imported audio and is able to stack up to 8 voices.
  • The Plug-in Manager now allows you to customize the organization of your menu.
  • Expanded sound library includes over 200 new synth patches and 10 Mellotron instruments.
  • New Auto Sampler plug-in converts hardware synthesizers into sampled instruments.
  • Custom shortcuts can be assigned and managed using the new Key Command editor.
  • It is now possible to copy and paste ranges in the layer editor.

A guide to sampling instruments with Auto Sampler is available at, along with a discussion of one missing feature, custom velocity layers, that may be an important issue for you, if you are resampling sampled instruments.

MainStage is available for US $29.99 in the Mac App Store.

9 thoughts on “Redmatica AutoSampler Returns As Part Of Apple’s $30 MainStage

  1. Great news! Better price! I’ve wanted to use Redmatica since I heard about it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after they were bought from Apple. I’ve never seen a license for sale either.

  2. Damn, would love to get this for the ‘turn your hardware synth into a sampled synth’ part but it says you need 10.9.5 which means upgrading my mac OS (from 10.6) which then means I need to buy the new Logic also (I am on 8). Sorry just writing out loud 🙂

    1. You could dual boot if you have enough hard drive space, I’m on 10.6 and logic 9 for my main music making and 10.10 for newer stuff, especially n.i stuff as it demands newer osx versions, I’m a sucker for spaces and old style exposé though, like xp, I’m not ready to totally move on yet.

        1. Logic 8 worked for me on Mavericks, I have not tried to launch it on Yosemite yet (but I suppose it should work). I do not remember how did I manage that as it was few OS X versions ago, but just google for logic 8 and name of the first incompatible OS X. Basically you have to bypass version test on launch.

  3. I used to sample Omnisphere sounds with Autosampler and transferring them to the Motif XF so I could tour without using a laptop on stage. Apple thinks differently. Lost a good tool when they closed Redmatica.

  4. Is it easy to swap patches between users? Is there some way to make them ‘protected’ or something? I haven’t used this, but it seems like a nice way for sound designers to quickly distribute lots of patches made on multiple different pieces of hardware.

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