Kilpatrick Audio Phenol Update

Here’s a quick look, via Kilpatrick Audio, of the production prototype of the new Phenol modular synthesizer.

Kilpatrick has made a few updates, in response to requests from their Kickstarter backers. Here’s what they have to say about the changes:

We listened to comments from Kickstarter backers and beta testers and made a number of improvements.

These include new controls for envelope modes, a new arp mode for making interesting musical envelopes and LFOs, as well as a full set of 1/4″ jacks on the rear panel with dedicated headphone and line outs.


Phenol is a new synthesizer designed by Kilpatrick Audio. It is designed to bring the fun and creative potential of a modular analog synthesizer to more people, by offering an ‘attractive and approachable’ musical instrument.

Phenol is 100% compatible with modular systems, because it uses the same voltages and banana connectors as the Kilpatrick Format and similar modular synthesizers.


  • Banana patch system with colour-coded jacks and voltages compatible with Kilpatrick Format and other modular systems
  • Two analog VCOs – triangle, ramp and pulse outputs
  • Two analog filters (low pass and high pass)
  • Two analog VCAs with level control
  • Two envelope generator / LFO combos with many unique features
  • An LFO with sine and random output
  • Internal MIDI to CV converter with DIN and USB MIDI interfaces
  • Compact mixer with digital delay with over 330ms of delay time
  • Digital pulse divider – divide MIDI clock or LFO output to create 4 musical time divisions
  • Buffered mixer / mult / inverter with level control
  • External audio input allows a stereo input to be patched like an oscillator signal – process your drum machine or other source through the system
  • Rear panel connections / controls:
  • USB-B port for USB MIDI connection to a PC / Mac
  • Headphone and line outputs (1/4″ jacks)
  • Power button
  • DC power input – 2.1mm coax – centre positive 24VDC
  • Ground banana jack
  • External input (1/4″ jacks)
  • Universal input power supply (100-240V) included (shipped with North American plug)
  • Approx. dimensions: 15.8?W x 9.0?L x 2.5?H (including feet and knobs)
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Phenol is expected to ship in June 2015, priced at US $849. For more on the Phenol, see the Kilpatrick Audio site.

12 thoughts on “Kilpatrick Audio Phenol Update

  1. No folding, no saw or supersaw, no ringmodulator, no AM, no harmonic processing… Is it so difficult to go a step further? The same boring stuff, year for year! This machine isn’t a Innovation for me…

    1. I dunno when I first looked at the specs I was like ” Oh lame, traditional east coast stuff, nothing exciting here.” but after giving it a listen I think this thing actually sounds good and looking closely at the front panel it seems to be a rather capable device. For 850$ this is a pretty good deal.

      I only wish that they had made it eurorack compatible.

    2. Psh, good luck finding a fully patchable analogue synth with two great sounding oscillators and filters PLUS all the things you listed at this price point. All that would easily cost 3-4 times as much in eurorack. This thing sounds great, looks great, and has a lot of features for the money. The value IS the innovation here. We need more of this. Plus, if people support it, they might make additional compatible modules.

  2. Kudos to Kilpatrick Audio for the great job in packaging design. This is a pretty sleek-looking modular. I can see EDM folks taking a shine to this box on its looks alone.

    1. More so, it is a great size and shape to integrate into a studio or live rig – I could see this as a worthy addition to many people’s setups, if that be DJing, studio sampling some sounds, sitting next to an electribe on stage, or some lingering prog rock band. A versatile sound and design aspect to this thing, it is a thoughtful product.

  3. Does sound good, I am itching to push this into an effects rack – and $849 is a good price for me to look at downsizing my kit.

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