Hirlostek Puts Noise Generator On A Plug

TouellSkouarn has introduced the Hirlostek – self-powered white noise source for the Moog Minitaur.

The Hirlostek cable contains an electronic circuit, powered by the 5v available at the ring of some Moog modules, including the Moogerfooger, Little Phatty & Minitaur. 


  • Self powered white noise source
  • Can bring noise at the audio input of any synth that lack noise source.
  • Can be use for audio and modulation.

The Hirlostek is available at the Moog Store (Asheville/USA), Analog Haven, Muffwiggler (USA), Schneidersladen (GER) or at the TouellSkouarn site.

17 thoughts on “Hirlostek Puts Noise Generator On A Plug

    1. If it could work on a microbrute I think it would make the micro more powerful than the minibrute.

      Could it give you sample and hold on a microbrute, or am I just dreaming?

  1. What a cute, and clever idea! Cool that the schematic is available – I guess if you know PIC microcode you could Make a pretty wicked little in-line self-powered device!

    @jojo I get s&h, LFO and white noise for my Microbrute from a Patchblocks module. It’s only 2v (at the moment…) but is completely programmable and has a rechargable battery built-in.

  2. When you use this with the Minitaur, can the noise source be mixed in as an osc? hijacking one of the other ones? or is it basically just a noise generator to be plugged in and further altered by the miniaturs other sound shaping capabilities..?

      1. thanks for the info! I have a couple monotrons laying around, I wonder if they would just be good noise sources for the minitaur….. but appreciate the help!

    1. Yes the noise can be added to the sound of the 2 oscillators, and now with the minitaur’s new firmware as Alfredo said you can control the external input volume with glide+Vco1 vol.
      Noise can be use as modulation too ( ie plug the noise out into the cv in of the minitaur

  3. Great idea with PIC as a sound device, with self-powering via CV-input socket.

    Btw you may feed external noise from any source.
    I sometimes use pocket FM radio receiver set at random frequency, it’s a great noise source.

    1. That’s a great rusian tagirov, I used to have a radio hooked up to a channel on my board ( wow, the OTB days), and would just bring stuff in and up through fx, whether static, late night talk radio, a baseball game, whatever, just essentially as a random sound generator for happy accidents, your suggestion would work great for the minitaur, and I have so many little am/fm radio walkmans around, it would be very easy to do… and no offense AT ALL intended to TouellSkouarn, whose design is no doubt superior in trying to get the minitaur to get more, say, sh101 type sounds, I just saw it listed at 45 euros or whatever, and that seems a little high unfortunately for my poor blood! 🙂 For 20 bucks, no brainer,…

      1. holy shit dude, that is brilliant! and so stupidly simple that i now question my own intelligence for not thinking of it on my own. using a radio as a sound source- as soon as i read what you wrote, i thought of like 50 ideas almost immediately. time to experiment

    1. true true caligari! For some reason I overlooked the possibilities of that with the minitaur, as it was normally branded with the fooger pedals, the Moog CP-251absoutely brings a lot to the table…. unfortunately at a price! not owning any other moog gear right now, might be like buying a ferrari for a one mile commute! Would be amazing, just more coin than I personally am willing to drop right now on it…. but thanks for pointing out!
      Anyone else have any other creative uses of the input with noise etc?

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