Groove Machine Mobile For Android, iOS and Windows Now Available

groove-machine-mobileImage-Line has announced that Groove Machine Mobile is now available for Android, iOS and Windows (aka FL Studio Groove).

Groove Machine Mobile is a touch-based groove production & performance app, featuring a 10 pad sample-based drum machine and 5 polyphonic synth / sampler channels.

Here’s the official video intro to Groove Machine Mobile:

Image-Line also shared this video tutorial on getting started with GMM:

Groove Machine Mobile is available now for Android, iOS and Windows for US $9.99.

If you’ve used GMM, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

19 thoughts on “Groove Machine Mobile For Android, iOS and Windows Now Available

  1. It says “Sample-based drum machine,” but they forgot to mention that it’s their samples. You can’t load your own. This app has been on Windows for over a year and they still never got around to allowing users to load their own drum hits (or make their own instruments). I doubt they ever will. This is the major defect of this app. It’s not worth the money because of that.
    It’s too bad, because the interface and the ability it is capable of is great and it’s very apparent if you spend you some time with it. It makes me mad. I’ve got thousands of samples I’ve made myself from my own synthesizers and ripped from records and… no, not allowed to use them here.

    1. that’s too bad, loading your own sounds in was the first thing i thought of as well, maybe its a nice sketch pad at least

    2. I was just about to hit buy when I saw this comment. No user samples is a no go for me. The last app I ran into that was like that just annoyed me too much. Plenty of other great apps that will allow the user some freedom. This app does look pretty good though.

      1. Glad I could save you some money. I bought it when it was first introduced on Windows thinking soon enough they’ll allow me to add samples. They said it was “coming” eventually (about 16 months ago). It’s a shame, I think the app is really well thought out and it is very intuitive, and the possibilities for making a full song out of a few patterns with the live manipulation are there.
        I’d use it over Beat Maker 2 or Nano Studio if they ever got around allowing sample loading.

    3. noooooooo

      then i will stick to DM1. how is this possible that nothing can beat a three years old app ^^ 🙂

      and why is there no company that builds a real sample app, i like samplr, but i want MIDI, slicing, and all the stuff i can do on a real sampler.

      best way for me seems to be nanostudio, but that app is even older 🙂

  2. true-honestly, who besides “consumption” people who have the slightest passion using stock samples? yep, its a major flaw not being able to import your own goodies into something like this. these days with the recognization and maturity of mobile devices for serious music creation, why wouldn’t some features just be a given for inclusion when releasing something…especially coming from a big name in the field such as Image Line?

  3. Want sticker shock, look at what full blown fruity loops will cost you, with all add ons.
    FL has some neat concepts, BUT the cost ,, of system resources worries me (have tried the demo me and several friends and it need some power)

  4. Not a KORG fanboy here or anything but I have a hard time seeing any app beating out gadget. Especially with the ability to load your own samples. In terms of production apps the bar was set very high by korg and it is officially the standard that any new app should strive for. This, looks like it fails miserably.

    1. Caustic by singlecell software and sunvox may do some and both a re multi platform (ios ,android, windows) only dif it is FREE for windows and you can try caustic on android for free (no save, all other functions run)

      1. I like caustic and used it until gadget was released. In my opinion it really doesn’t compare to gadget but that is really subjective.

        1. Go do a search , use term caustic 3 to get a good selection of hits, YouTube, sound cloud and other sites are loaded with examples , and that because it has been around allot longer.
          Its has a PCM sythn that is very flexible, sample based drums (and you can load you own samples) a modular synth, fm, 8 bit, vocorder, effects and automation of all controls.
          It is also capable of linear run (non pattern use) which I don’t see in gadget
          It is worth a look and being free on windows and free to try on android

    1. Well Both are great programs (and i have both) but there are some features that do make them different and you have to look at which one you want.
      I would say that gadget you can put a tune together faster, but caustic seams to have the flexibility angle.
      And there are other choices, like the articles talks about fruityloops, it is nice, but do try demo first it takes some power to run it.
      Another choice to look at which is also multi platform is Sunvox which to be fast-tracker based and supposedly load .ft .xm .mod files

  5. Well it is the only Windows 8.1 app that works with MIDI controllers. Thanks for the tip on Caustic though runs great on touch based windows tablets I have it on my Surface Pro 3 now and WOW.

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