WMD + SSF Eurorack Module Demos

This series of videos, via William Mathewson, demos a new series of Eurorack modules, created as a collaboration between WMD and Steady State Fate

The modules, originally introduced at the 2014 NAMM Show, include:

  • Spectrum Oscillator – a precision Voltage Controlled Oscillator with Octave switches, multiple waveform outputs, PWM &FM inputs, and more.
  • The Pole Zero is a 4 Pole Mosfet Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) with an integrated VCA circuit that provides rich saturation and tone.
  • The Blender is a 4 channel crossfading mixer that allows you to blend 4 signals with only a few knobs. Fully DC coupled and works with audio or CV signals.
  • The Ultrafold creates rich harmonic content by folding your existing waveform onto itself. It also can shift your waveform, add drive, and add feedback for even more character.
  • The ADSRVCA is an envelope generator and VCA in the same module. With normal ADSR operation, AD loop mode, and a couple ways of using the reTrigger input, the ADSRVCA is a great compliment to any eurorack system.

Details on the full line of WMD + SSF modules is available at the WMD site.

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