SampleRobot Volca-X Announced


The developers of SampleRobot have announced a new version of the software, SampleRobot Volca-X, that they say is designed to be the Korg Volca Sample‘s ‘best friend’.

The upcoming app will let you manage, convert and dump your custom samples for the Volca Sample. 


  • Dump up to 100 samples at once to Volca Sample.
  • Support for multiple bit and sampling resolutions.
  • Automatic high quality resampling for Volca Sample.
  • Save all your sample banks as Projects.
  • Sample bank function: Erase.
  • Sample bank function: Restore factory samples.
  • Import multiple wave files at once.
  • Slice “all-in-one” files.
  • Sample size calculation and progress display.
  • Flexible stereo-mono rendering.
  • Different loop export modes.
  • Sophisticated auto-sampling features.
  • WaveRobot editor available as option.
  • Compatible with Windows and OS X.

SampleRobot Volca-X is expected to be available March 2015, priced at 39 £ / 49 € / 59 $. Details are to come at the SempleRobot site.

43 thoughts on “SampleRobot Volca-X Announced

  1. Wow, only $59? Why not $120? Or maybe just make it the same price as a Volca. It’s not like there’s any cheap (or free) alternative to this.

    1. “Dump up to 100 samples at once to Volca Sample.”

      so far I have not seen this on any of the free editors
      this has been a big reason for me not to get the volca sample, I just don’t want to upload samples one at a time

      however, $60 bucks is pretty steep, I’d say $5 $10 at most
      but seeing as korg released their software open source, this should be free

      also if caustic editor can dump multiple samples, then I’m sold on a volca sampler, but so far I haven’t seen this spec

        1. oh sweet, yeah I didn’t know that about the caustic editor, so there’s my answer as to why I don’t, because I can get it for free, all I need is the ability to dump multiple samples and I’m sold on a volca sampler

  2. this interests me. can caustics editor actually save samples sets as projects.
    is there drag and drop?
    as great as caustics editor is, there is room for improvement and i would pay for some good new features.
    ffs stop jumping at the guy.

        1. Yes, go to the CEVS folder under documents and find a file called samplelist.txt. If you don’t want it overwritten, copy and save it somewhere else. Then you can put whatever samplelist you want in the folder each time before you start up, and it will be there like a project.

  3. It’s nasty to see people dismissing this software simply because it costs money. Programmers have a right to make a living, just as musicians have a right to get paid instead of having club owners tell them they should play free for the “valuable exposure.”

      1. that is because participating commenters here have nothing to do but bitch about things they cannot afford. everyone was broke at some point but i would never spit on someone for pricing their work at certain amount. incredibely pathetic and juvenile, but that is exactly what most people commenting here really are. not to mention that nobody would ever had the skills or the patience to acquire them to do anything similar to this. its the ME generations. fck´em.

        1. Do you really believe the complaints about this are because people have nothing to do and can’t afford it? Maybe it’s because they’re interested in software to manage the Volcas, and already have a program that can do most if not all of the above for free, which makes the price puzzling to say the least. Also, look at J74 VolcaControl. That cost $8 and gave the other three Volcas a ton of functionality that wasn’t really available in one interface before. Most of the people reading this have spent far more money on software when it makes sense; I can assure you.

          1. whether the people have spent more than enough on sw has nothing to do with this guy pricing his librarian at 50 somethings. by that rationale i could come in a car dealership, and say “no forget that, i have spent more than enough on my previous car. give me a discount”.

            and i dont think what you said. it is completely self-evident. just browse through any old sw release and you will find the same complaint. just imagine how it is to be a developer and come here to read this bullcrap. this could be a place where diverse developers interact with the userbase, but is instead just a bunch of whiners and mudslingers.
            i just wish there was more mutual respect and empathy all around. not loosing any sleep over it mind, its just the reason i dont come here as often.

        2. This logic has some valid arguments when talking about a $1,000 + instrument, but none at a $60 level. Relative value remains just as constant though, at any price point.

    1. It’s nasty to see you dismissing people because you think they are complaining that software costs money, when they are actually complaining that the price, relative to the hardware it controls, it quite high.

      1. “the price, relative to the hardware it controls, it quite high”

        Alternatively, the price of the hardware relative to the software is quite low.

        Why might this be? Advantages of China manufacture. What are these advantages? No enforced labor laws, wages of a few dollars a day for skilled labor, no enforced environmental laws. Result, it’s much cheaper to make things than in countries with labor and environmental laws. Public generally prefers lower cost over any issues of the environment or worker rights and dignity, therefore this situation will continue.

        Software developed though is done so by someone who has a high cost of living in a western nation, who is perhaps required to purchase health insurance, pay property and vehicle taxes and car insurance, etc.

        Is high quality independent software for small fringe markets a sustainable industry? Not in general, and this field should be expected to totally die out shortly, allowing these independent developers to seek more reasonable lines of work such as in the banking and defense industries.

        1. But the West forced the rest of the world into globalism, and technology has empowered them to compete, you can’t base a global market on the fact a western doesn’t like the pay deal they stupidly enforced on themselves!? Beyond logic. Those days have gone. And, it is rare to see someone moan about cost without justification here, if a standard module is priced at $500 when it is just $50 of 70’s electronics, then that manufacture has a right to price at whatever level they feel, and everyone else in the world has a right to respond to that – in their own free way without small people trying to control that response. The irony here is that it seems to be people enforcing a capitalist model that justify these high costs, and the freedoms of the company to impose themselves – champions of the free market. Yet these people don’t seem to get that engaging negatively with the cost of a item is playing that free market, and this is a vital part of the system to ensure free trade and prices – it isn’t just a right of the people, it is deeply important to the whole system that people understand the price of things and what is a fair cost. To stand in the way of that is to disrespect that people have a right to be treated fairly and honestly. Imagine is nobody ever discussed the cost of bread, the real value and cost of bread is undefined in society – now you need to go out and buy bread, how much are you going to pay for that? Likely $10 a loaf if you come across a opportunist trying to screw you for every penny you have, because you don’t know the real value or cost – it is important that you do. Discussion is a good and fair way to understand it. But I have noticed how some debate on here is getting forced by the companies themselves coming on here and faking debate in their favor – like what has happened here.

          1. “the companies themselves coming on here and faking debate in their favor – like what has happened here”

            Oh, so I’m a stooge working for SampleRobot am I? Can I interest you in a tin foil hat? Might help keep the rays out.

        2. stellar post but dont even think that bringing reason and insightful facts into this will make any sort of difference.

  4. Yeah it’s pricey but if it’s out of your range then they are not targeting you. That’s the nature of a market like this, differentiate yourself enough with a couple features that a certain amount of people are willing to pay for.

  5. i really wish someone would do this for the Volca Beats …make a 3rd party firmware that allows you to replace the samples that they use alongside the analog sounds. so the clap for instance, which is a sample, could be replaced. that would really ROCK. such a person that could make such a thing would certainly be considered a LEGEND!

    1. A legend?

      You mean they would have to fight time vampires in a nature reclaimed. post-apoc future?

      With AR-15s and bath tubs?

  6. to expensive in relation to the cost prize of the volca 4 sure

    . a real Selling point feature would be : backing up patterns and songs to midi files

  7. SampleRobot has advanced sampling features that a lot of people don’t need, but are well worth $50-60, if you do.

    It’s the Volca Sample that seems way overpriced to me. Why spend $160 on a limited sample playback box when for around $200 or so you could get a used ES-1, which is built way better, has a much more powerful sequencer and can run circles around the Volca Sample?

  8. I’m all for the means to handle samples well, because they can pile up fast. You know that one if you’ve gotten into it very far. I’ve been looking at Volcas a little sideways because they ARE so minimal, yet I love Korg gear overall. I finally got over myself by recalling how much fun I had with floppies, madness and all. Using USB to zip things around is the new shoebox full of floppies. 😛 I grew past more modest gear and much prefer Logic now, but things like Volcas are there BECAUSE you want to mash sound around like clay and see what happens. “Direct and Simple” are part of the tools. I’d like to think that most synth players have both some high and “low” gear for the great variety, so its almost “honorable” to fiddle with smaller or fussier gear, because you never know in what direction the unexpected can take you. Its how you become a better synthesist. So while I’m not a target Volca user, I can finally look on them more fairly. I encourage you to get one of the editors and milk it. That’ll teach you 12 things you can build on. I know, because I made up huge new cusswords when I was using QuickDisks in a Korg SQD-1 hardware sequencer. It sucked, but it sucked instructively, so here’s some respect for software editors.

  9. That those idiots at KORG crippled this thing by forgetting to add a built in mic still amazes me! This could have been the toy of the century. The kind of thing handed down to grandkids.

    1. to add a mike for somewhat decent quality would really ad to cost
      besides the aim was for those who get loops to jam, not so much like a real sampler which you do all kinds of editing

    2. The Volcas are designed to be fun $150 sound machines, no professional gear, and Korg clearly has to make some design compromises to get them to be that inexpensive.

      Love ’em for what they are – or realize that you need something more powerful, like the new Electribes.

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