14 thoughts on “How to make a DIY 3U Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Case

    1. He says right off that this is useful for prototyping permanent cabinets, so this isn’t supposed to be a replacement but a cheapy starting point.

      I started with a pine box, which probably cost $20, and screwed wood screws into it, which was a decent starting point. You need a table saw to do this, though.

  1. the expression better than nothing comes to mind.
    yes it seams weird to put 2000 in 2 dollar wrap, but most rack gear is not enclosed in back and you could damage parts if not

  2. So this is about how to stick your Tiptop Happy Ending kit a cardboard box?

    I guess you could maybe use the templates to build this with 5mm plywood.

  3. I did a similar DIY cardboard project for my 6U eurorack with the intent to prototype for wood cheeks. This was over a year ago. I’m still using my (free) cardboard cheeks with no issues at all, and they are holding up quite nicely. I thought they would fall apart by now. Nope! One of these days maybe I’ll spend money on a case…. Or buy more modules instead? Hmmmm…

    1. Hi JB,

      I’d like to build a 6U cardboard eurorack myself. Can you share sketches/measurements for yours?
      (and yes you are going to buy new modules instead)

      attackdecay (attt) mailbox.org

  4. Great video, such an easy idea just to make your initial outlay that little big less.

    But I’m a girl and even I know that his “punchy screwdriver thing” is an Awl. Every girl should have one.

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